Gary Waddell Death – Obituary News : Las Vegas Longest-serving television anchor dies at 77.

By | September 10, 2021

Gary Waddell Death – Obituary News : Las Vegas Longest-serving television anchor dies at 77.

We are sad to report that longtime Channel 8 anchor Gary Waddell has died. He was 77. He was the longest-serving television anchor in Las Vegas.

Michelle Mortensen who announced his death on Facebook wrote

Gary Waddell was a great man and it was a privilege to work with him during my early years at Channel 8 News. So many of you have watched him on your TV screens for years and he will be greatly missed. May he Rest In Peace. 648648 189 Comments 67 Shares Like Comment Share

Source: (20+) Michelle Mortensen – Posts | Facebook

Waddell arrived in Las Vegas in 1971 as a television reporter and noon weather anchor on KORK-TV before moving to KLAS, Channel 8 in 1980.

“For several years, he led the news team that drew more ratings, more viewers, than the other Southern Nevada TV stations combined,” according to a news release from Fierro Communications.

Waddell retired in Aug. 2012.  8 News Now reported.


Condolences and tributes are pouring in on social media to honor his life and legacy,

 Janice Pikes-Burroughs
Thoughts are with his family, and the Channel 8 family. Paula and him were a great team and I remember them anchoring together for many years.

Dina Northrop Gerber wrote
So sad! Gary Waddell came into our home every week night and on New Year’s Eve for many years. He was always there to report when an important event was taking place in our community and was a reliable source of presenting our local news. He and Paula Francis were the quintessential model of a news anchor team that were true television journalists. Prayers and sympathy for his family and friends.

Ashley Marie wrote
Gary will be missed. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was just as nice on-air as he was in person. I always enjoyed hearing his travel stories. Rest easy Gary, you will be missed.

Rebecca Ann Soto wrote
This breaks my heart. Our family met him a few time when I was younger, channel 8 did a few news pieces on me when I had my first kidney transplant and when I go my wish with make-a-wish. I have a picture with him when he came to the airport interview us.

Kim Sherwood Schofield wrote
I am so sorry. He was a wonderful journalist, a mentor to many, and a kind man.
For me his professional legacy will be his inspiration for all younger journalists who knew or watched him – to get it right, leave out your opinions, and respect the… See More

Daniel Cabrera wrote
I am in SHOCK!!! Utter disbelief. Sitting here in my work break room in tears over the loss of Gary Waddell. He is the one single person who I idolized in wanting to be a journalist or broadcaster when growing up. He was a human encyclopedia when it came to knowing anything and everything about Las Vegas history. He will be deeply missed by so many. What a sad, sad day for Las Vegas. My heart hurts.

Dee Jaystone wrote
Awe man. I remember getting all my news about the pepcon blast from Gary when I was working at Nellis. I watch the sky go dark but tuned in to channel 8 and listened to Gary give his reports. A great broadcaster in Las Vegas. RIP.

Brian Weiss wrote wrote
I worked with Gary at KLAS-TV from 97-99. He was the epitome of the traditional, honorable, trustworthy news anchor, and a really great guy to boot. Sad day. May his memory be a blessing.

David Barry wrote
So sad to hear this. I always watched KLAS for local news. He was a fixture in LV for so many years and a huge part of what was a very classy news team. Local news has not been anywhere near the same since Gary and Paula.

Linda McCoy Wilcox wrote
Such a loss. Gary was a kind and generous soul. He reached out to the Casa Foundation and helped raise funds for foster kids.

Annette Gunter Carrillo wrote
So sad to hear this news. I watched channel 8 for years and always looked forward to seeing Gary’s handsome face. May he Rest In Peace. My thoughts and prayers to all his family and family. He will be missed!
Gary Lundquist wrote
What a sad day for long time Vegas people! Gary was a fixture in and out of the studio. I meet him at the lake when he had a boat there & then again when I volunteered &!drove a limousine for his MS kids. My deepest condolences to his family & to his Chanel 8 family as well. Vegas news was never the same without Paula, Polly & Gary!
RIP Gary.. you did make a difference! Thank you!



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Travis Edwards
OH NO!!!!! I remember when he first started (the Bob Stoldal days). Prayers and condolences to his family. He has been an important figure in LV the past 40 years. Very sad to hear.Sharon Duffy Kennemer
He was my all time favorite news anchor. Hugs to his family.Stacey Franco-Nicks
Watched him and Paula for 28 years,.I am so saddened. May you rest in peace Gary.Annette Brown wrote
He reported news when it was real news! Before main stream media is what it is today! RIP Gary Waddell! Watched you and Paula Francis for years! Prayers to your family.Kathy Brown
He was a good man…they don’t make them like that anymore. He will be missed

Denise Brown Lionetti
R.I.P. my family grew up watching you and Paula Francis, you were the best anchors, next to Hank Thornley.

Dan Schools
RIP. He was a very friendly person. I met him and talked to him several times. I always thought of him as good reporter. I hate bring up the elephant in the room. He had the vaccination still got covid. So please tell me why some people want to force you to get a vaccination, when time and time again it really makes no difference. So again please tell me what’s the point?

Lillian Jacobson
I guess he wasn’t one of those eligible for the cocktail of drugs they use on some people with success. Underlying heart issues I understand. RIP.

Daniel Nava Mitchell
I loved Gary !!! Watched him every day… May he RIP and many hugs to his family right now

Barbara Oliver-Strecker
I moved out here in 1997 and got hooked on channel 8. Loved Gary and Paula. Missed them both when they left. A great loss. RIP GARY.

Dale Raynor
Wow great guy met him at one of my fishing tournaments at lake mead condolences to his family and friends .

Stephanie Tredwell-Johnson
He was a great anchor, I watched him and Paula every time I could on the news. He will be missed by all. RIP.. Condolences to his friends, family, and colleagues..

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