Gary Wolchesky Death or Decapitated News is Fake, See What Happened to NJ Child Predator

By | August 1, 2020

Gary Wolchesky Death or Decapitated News is Fake, See What Happened to NJ Child Predator.

A trending news story that a decapitated corpse that was found on a judge’s doorstep in Ocala, Florida was identified as belonging to a notorious pedophile who was recently allowed to walk free on bail by the judge is not true. The news is fake.

Gary Wolchesky is a New Jersey convicted sex offender who argued that pedophiles are victims of discrimination and that laws against sexual contact with children violate his rights. Judge granted his appeal but he was not killed or dead as reported by the fake news sites.


Comments and Reactions

News of his death as generated a lots of reactions on social media, with many people believing the fake news to be true.

T S E T wrote
There is a disturbingly high amount of people that are not only okay but happy over the murder of a human being. I won’t pretend to even comprehend the severity of his crimes but the bottom line is that he was still a person, even if a lot of people would beg to differ.

@pandabum1 wrote
Ngl, it really sucks this guy couldn’t get them help, treatment and intensive psychotherapy needed to help him contain his urges and lead a better life.

I don’t want pedophiles and abusers dead, I want them to not offend and have an expectation of public safety.

F I O N A  wrote
it’s scary the amount of people in this thread defending a child predator ?????? The only solution for people who prey on innocent vulnerable defenceless children is to kill them. They’re monsters, not people.

The Loaf wrote
This is like medieval / underground monster type shit, fighting fire with fire doesnt solve anything. This is heinous treatment for a man who should be in prison, not in a grave. Capital punishment was outlawed for a reason

Big O’l Lawn MO’wer wrote
The fact that most of y’all are joking about a guy getting he’s fucking head cut off shoes how people haven been severely desensitized by both the internet and media.

Blood Sheperd wrote
That’s the world today. Everyone can’t see beyond themselves. There’s little “humane-ness” in humanity. Others who are decent make up that “silent majority “. And take pride in being silent. Crazy, we used to dream by 2020 we would have flying cards and space flight. Nope ☠

Mandi Moore wrote
Pedophiles cannot be reformed, the only options for them are life in prison (which we pay for) or death, death is the better option and if the system refuses to do it and they let him out to reoffend then it’s up to the citizens to take care of it themselves .

BIGFriv wrote
Wait. Why can’t they be reformed? If it’s a mental illness shouldn’t we try to fix them?
Are we just going to give up on people because they were born that way? (Btw prison is indeed the option. But we should fix them too)

Anita wrote
People are not defending the pedo
They are against people killing in such a gruesome way
If you support this I hope to never meet you irl
Who knows what kind of violence you support xD

Mikolujilo wrote
In even imagine being even SLIGHTLY satisfied at someone being beheaded. That’s some sick shit, and whoever did this to him is a psychopath, you don’t come back from doing stuff like that, not mentally.

Outakukuku wrote
Those of you who are complaining saying that we’re stuck in the head and violent, think that all you want. I had my own grandfather molest me and it did some damage to my mental state but I kept my mouth shut till I was seventeen so he wouldn’t target my little.

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