Gayland Blakemore Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Gayland Blakemore has Died .

By | January 7, 2021

Gayland Blakemore Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Gayland Blakemore has Died .

Gayland Blakemore has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on January 6. 2021.

Roy S. Webb 17 hrs  · Blue Devil Family, After communication with family this morning, I am very sad to tell you that Gayland Blakemore has passed away. This is an enormous loss to his family and our family. Our thoughts and prayers and what strength we have, goes to his family, friends, and school family members. Mr. Blakemore was a man of family, faith, integrity, and dedication to his community and the children of this community. Gayland took on the tough assignments for Quincy Public Schools. Many remember him as a star guide at Baldwin. It was his job to deal with discipline issues, tough students, and a few angry parents. He always performed that job with care, love, support, and accountability. He was not easy on children. He was tough, but it was out of love. Most recently he had the very difficult job as discipline for our students who rode our buses. Again he had to deal with tough issues every day. He had to view film, investigate, talk with students, and calm angry and upset parents. He often did his job after driving a bus route. We were shorthanded, and he was the ultimate team player. Gayland could also be seen at almost all of our football and basketball games. Again, he was the man in charge of discipline, making sure a section of the crowd was supervised. He never took on an easy assignment. I have known Gayland for six years. Even though he had a difficult job, I never saw him lose his temper, belittle a child, or say a negative word about a child or parent. He was a positive influence on our children and our team. Gayland loved his family. Maliah, Miles, Mason, and Trell were his world. He would bug me often to ask permission to use a school gym, so he could coach Trell and his friends on the court. He would do anything for his family. Mr. Blakemore was a tough man. He showed that until the end. He battled on a ventilator for over 40 days. He was a stronger and better man than I will ever be. I can only live better and stronger because I have known his example. I need to continue to care about children, my family, and my faith. Rest in Peace Gayland. Rest in Peace with your lord and savior at your side. God bless you and your family. Roy Webb

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