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At Celebrities Deaths, we are fully aware of our responsibilities for adhering to best practices regarding using personal information. We have prioritized protecting the personal data of our subscribers, contacts, and customers.

We wish to inform you that, following the provisions of Law 34/2002, dated July 11, on the services of the information society and electronic commerce, the following applies to you:

The company is known by its full name, J.O. Online Media Digital News.

The term “Celebrities Deaths” is a trademark.

227 North Arlington Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey, 07017, is the address of the company’s registered office.

The production and promotion of web pages constitute the organization’s social activity. Audiovisual content is created, produced, or carried out by the creator or third parties. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of New Jersey,

General terms and conditions apply.

These general terms and conditions of use apply to all of the different online services that J.O. Online Media Digital News, a limited company, has developed. These terms and conditions apply to newsletter subscriptions and discussion forum participation on websites produced by J.O. Online Media LLC.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions is required to use these contents and services. If the terms and conditions of use outlined in this document are violated in any way, the user’s access to the website will be terminated immediately.

J.O. Online Media reserves the right to modify the contents of these terms and conditions of use whenever it sees fit, or changes made to the website indicate that doing so is necessary.

Use of this service on a personal level

The permission to use the information and services offered by this website is individual and cannot be given to another person. It does not imply the possible transfer of this authorization to third parties, and it does mean that you are responsible for using this service in any way you put it to use.

You acknowledge that you will not use obscene, indecent, or offensive language, nor will you provide any false, inaccurate, defamatory, or abusive information. You also agree not to include on this site any encrypted material, unauthorized advertising, or practice of sending unwanted emails, as well as any other activity that violates people’s privacy or constitutes a crime by violating any local, national, or international laws. In addition, you agree not to engage in any activity that may violate any other terms of this agreement. The use of the contents and services of this website presupposes acceptance of these terms and laws. If violated, they may be subject to the appropriate legal actions, which will be processed in the proper courts for this purpose.

The use of this site does not grant permission to access the provider’s servers in any way, shape, or form, including but not limited to making use of administrator access codes or any other method that was not explicitly designed for this purpose, such as making use of a web browser and its associated HTTP requests.

You are solely responsible for any content that you upload to this website, including but not limited to texts, photographs, videos, and sounds. At all times, you must adhere to the copyright regulations as well as those governing trademarks, trade secrets, and any other property rights that may be applicable. Industrial.

All of the content that is provided on this website is solely for your non-commercial use. There is content on this website that is protected by copyright laws. Except for the uses permitted by the existing regulations, you are not allowed under any circumstances to publish, assign, distribute, or engage in any other form of commercial use of the material you obtain through this website. This includes any other unauthorized services of the material.

You consent to refrain from preventing or interfering with the use of this website by third parties, as well as its software, hardware, and servers, in any way, and you agree not to interfere with, modify, or interfere with this website in any way. In addition, it will not change the site in any form or manipulate it by using information, materials, or other associated components.

Forms for communication and the gathering of personally identifiable information

Completing the corresponding user registration is required to use certain services or make specific requests, which must be done in advance.

All information entered by the user into the various forms on the Celebritiesdeaths.com portal to contact Celebritiesdeaths.com or any other entity must be correct.

In addition, by completing the forms, users affirm that they are older than 14.

Protection of Records and Privacy of Information

J.O. ONLINE MEDIA DIGITAL NEWS promises to use the data that are included in the file that has been appropriately registered with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection under the name “Users of the Web” to respect their confidentiality and use them following the purpose of the same, as well as to comply with their obligation to save them and adapt all measures to avoid alteration, loss, treatment, or unauthorized access,

The User is responsible for ensuring that all of the personal information provided through the various forms is accurate, and they must notify us of any changes.

Similarly, the user guarantees that all of the information provided is up-to-date and accurate, that it corresponds to their actual situation, and that it is correct.

In addition, the user agrees to keep their data up-to-date at all times, bearing sole responsibility for any inaccuracy or falsity in the data that they provide, as well as any damages that may be caused to J.O. ONLINE MEDIA DIGITAL NEWS as the owner of the portal as a result of the user’s failure to do so.

The user can check a box during the registration process to request the sending of information by email about promotions and news related to the J.O. Online Media Digital News brand. This box is located in the area of the page that is designated specifically for this purpose.

In the same way, the user has access to his private profile and can modify, edit, or delete the information provided. Additionally, the user can manage his withdrawal directly by submitting a request to info@CelebritiesDeaths.com or by writing to the portal owner at www.CelebritiesDeaths.com along with a copy of his identification or another document that provides equivalent support.

Data Communication

Online media and digital news may only be communicated to a third party for fulfilling purposes directly related to the legitimate functions of the assignor and the assignee, with the prior consent of the party who is interested in the information being communicated.

J.O. Online Media Digital News may also transfer user data as an asset in connection with a proposed or actual merger or sale (including sessions conducted as part of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings) involving all or part of our business itself, or as a part of a corporate reorganization, stock sale, or other change of control. This could happen if a proposed or actual merger or sale involves all or part of our business.

Utilization and assertion of user rights

You are at this moment informed that you can exercise concerning the data collected. These rights are recognized in Organic Law 15/1999, including the right of access, the right to rectify or delete data, and the right to object to data processing.

You are at this moment informed that you may exercise these rights by submitting a request that is both written and signed, which you may send, along with a photocopy of your I.D. or an equivalent identification document, by postal mail to J.O. Online Media Digital News, SL, at Avda Victoria, 33B, 28023, New Jersey. You are also informed that you may exercise these rights by providing thematic and digital content.

Comments made by those who make use of it

J.O. Online Media is not responsible for the judgments, opinions, or comments made by users on any of its sites, including this one, in areas specifically designed for that purpose, such as discussion forums. Any statement or information that a J.O. Online Media user expresses is subject to the sole responsibility of that user and in no way represents the point of view of Thema.

It should not be assumed that the information, opinions, judgments, or comments shared in this website’s public discussion forums are held in confidence by their authors.

This service’s provider reserves the right to use, reproduce, modify, translate, transmit, or distribute any information or material that you provide or that is sent to the service through the established areas or through any other means that are currently available or that may be developed in the future, for any possible use, including commercial use, of the information or material. This right includes the ability to sell information or material.

J.O. Online Media has the sole discretion to review, edit, relocate, or delete any material posted by its users in the discussion forums or other site areas. The company makes no guarantee that it will provide its users with advance notice before exercising this right.

Information or material provided or transmitted to this service is subject to the privacy regulations that Thema has approved. These regulations can be accessed at any time through the links provided on this site specifically for this purpose.

Exclusion of liability 1. Regarding the general level of service provided

Access to the portal at www.celebritiesdeaths.com does not obligate J.O. Online Media Digital News to guarantee the complete absence of viruses, worms, or any other potentially harmful computer element (“malicious software” or “malware”) during the navigation process.

This is because accessing the portal does not imply an obligation by J.O. Online Media and Digital News. In any event, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that good tools for detecting and eliminating malicious software currently installed on their computer are readily available.

2. Concerning the accessibility of the service

The use of third-party services and supplies is required to access the website www.celebritiesdeaths.com.These services and supplies include transport through telecommunications networks, the reliability, quality, and security of which do not correspond to J.O. Online Media’s Digital News.

As a consequence, the services made available through the www.celebritiesdeaths.com portal may be suspended, canceled, or made inaccessible prior to or simultaneously with the provision of the www.celebritiesdeaths.com postal service. J.O. Online Media and Digital News are not required to provide prior notification.

Despite what has been stated above, if J.O. Online Media Digital News permanently stops providing the services of the www.celebritiesdeaths.com portal for any reason, it will make every effort to contact registered users and inform them of the situation.

J.O. Online Media Digital News will not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred by the user due to failures or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that result in the suspension, cancellation, or interruption of the service provided by the portal www.CelebritiesDeaths.com. In contrast, it is being provided or before it.

3. Concerning the contents and the services that are linked

You can include links that take the user to other pages on the portal at www.CelebritiesDeaths.com.In these circumstances, J.O. Online Media Digital News acts as a provider of intermediation services following article 17 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (“LSSI”), and will only be responsible for the contents and services provided on the linked sites to the extent that it has practical knowledge of the illegality and has not deactivated the link with due diligence. This follows Article 17 of Law 34/2002. If the user believes that a Linked Site contains unlawful or otherwise inappropriate content, he may inform J.O. Online Media Digital News of his concerns.

Under no circumstances should it be inferred that agreements exist with the organizations in charge of or owners of linked sites, nor should it be assumed that J.O. ONLINE MEDIA DIGITAL NEWS supports, promotes, or is otherwise connected to the claims, information, or products made by those organizations.

J.O. ONLINE MEDIA DIGITAL NEWS is not aware of the contents and services of the Linked Sites. As a result, it is not responsible for damages caused by the illegality, quality, outdatedness, unavailability, error, and uselessness of the contents and services of the Linked Sites. Furthermore, J.O. Online Media Digital News is not liable for indirect or consequential damages from the themes discussed in this report.

Copyright J.O. Online Media commits to respect third parties intellectual property at all times, and it asks its users to make the same commitment to respecting these rights. Suppose a registered user or subscriber violates the applicable intellectual property laws. In that case, J.O. Online Media reserves the right to deny them access to the site’s content under certain conditions and at their sole discretion.

Contact J.O. Online Media to file a complaint about the situation if you believe that one of your works has been copied and is now available on this service in a manner that violates the law or if you discover links to third-party websites that also break the applicable regulations on this matter.


If there is a potential conflict or legal dispute, it will be processed before the relevant courts in Madrid. By using the contents and services of this site, you accept the conditions set forth herein, remaining subject to current legal regulations.

Service if you do not accept the terms and guidelines for use contained within this document.

To get in touch with the provider of the service:

Email: info@Celebritiesdeaths.com. The number to call is 1-917-528-830. Send correspondence to the following addresses: 227 North Arlington Ave., New Jersey 01017;