George Floyd Cause of Death Autopsy : Why Was George Floyd Arrested.

By | September 27, 2020

George Floyd Cause of Death Autopsy : Why Was George Floyd Arrested.

The Hennepin County ME issues a 2nd press release on George Floyd giving no cause of death. It does say: “The autopsy alone cannot answer all questions germane to the cause and manner of death, and must be interpreted in the context of the pertinent investigative information…”


Why Was George Floyd Arrested.

Police approached George Floyd in his vehicle following reports of the use of counterfeit money. According to a police report Floyd resisted arrest after being told to step away from his vehicle.

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I’m not really understanding the whole #GeorgeFloyd situation because why haven’t those 4 police officers been arrested for murder?? Is the only difference that he was wearing a uniform?? If ANY other person sat on a person’s neck till they couldn’t breathe, that would be murder.
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Tammy Stoops
I have a question does anyone know why George Floyd had been arrested in the first place? Just curious I keep googling it and they only talk about his death and how great he was. Dont get me wrong what happen to him is wrong, I just hate hearing only half a story.

4 officers involved in the Minnesota death of George Floyd who was murdered by an officers knee upon his throat, have been fired & the FBI is investigating his death. Why aren’t they arrested and held until the end of their investigation?

My question is, why was George Floyd arrested for? Was he not cooperating? I don’t know the other side of the story to make my comment yet

Ricky Davila
Days ago, George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, suffocated to death because of a racist officer who pressed his knee down on his neck until dead whilst 3 other officers helped it along.

Those officers still haven’t been arrested and idiots wonder why there’s so much anger.

Minneapolis police choked George Floyd to death while he was being arrested for being accused of forging a check. This is why I fight. What other civilized nation murders black men routinely, especially when accused of such a petty crime? Change the whole damn system
silly rabbit Rabbit

white boy in my Instagram comments trying to justify why Dylan Roof was arrested peacefully while George Floyd was not is ok. Uhm you’re a 17 yr old kid that wanted to buy my nudes BYE

why was derek chauvin not arrested yet?? he committed murder. they have the proof yet that man is STILL sitting in the comfort of his own home while george floyd is DEAD. totally fucked up.

Brendan Noble
George Floyd was murdered. Why have the four officers not been arrested yet? If these were anyone but police officers they would’ve been charged already. It’s sad how nothing happens until there’s intense outcry in these situations. Justice does not allow police special treatment
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How long until the media report that George Floyd was arrested for shoplifting In 1987 and attempt to link it to why three police officers killed him in cold blood?

Why is it that when a black man is killed, the first thing people always ask is “Well what was he doing?” How come a school shooter is so easily arrested, but a black man forging some papers suffers death? It doesn’t matter what the hell he was doing.

Merritt Kelly
I’ve just read responses to my question about what George Floyd had done and every one of them is different. There is no clear, accurate information out there. Was there an police report abut the incident that reveals why he was arrested? Is this deliberate on the part of police?

A Flag of United States
**do not start any arguments ** I just have a question that I’m probably missing the answer to somewhere but why was George Floyd arrested in the first place? Like what was he doing

Kerry joe wojcik
Why hasn’t that cop who KILLED George Floyd, arrested for murder yet. ? What are you investigating? He was handcuffed, he didn’t resist but was put on the curb of a sidewalk a knee placed on his neck and they killed him, there’s your investigation.

Josy Sunflower
People in Minneapolis, MN are being shot with rubber bullets and tear gassed for protesting the murder of George Floyd a black man who was murdered by a white police officer. WHY HAS DEREK CHAUVIN NOT BEEN ARRESTED.

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  1. no one

    He most likely gave himself a heart attack when fighting with the officers. Kneeling on one’s neck in the manner the police officer was will not kill you.


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