Glen Johnson Death -Dead-Obituaries : Glen Johnson, Dababy Brother Has Died from Suicide.

By John Okoro | November 4, 2020

Glen Johnson Death –Dead-Obituaries : Glen Johnson, Dababy Brother Has Died from Suicide.

Glen Johnson has died, according to a statement posted online on November 2.  2020.
Our deepest condolences go out to #Dababy and his family. TMZ is reporting that his older brother, Glen Johnson, passed away today in Charlotte, North Carolina.



Sources tell TMZ the rapper’s older brother Glen Johnson died by suicide Tuesday in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. The insiders claim Johnson died from a self-inflected gunshot wound to the head, shortly after he shared an Instagram video of him sitting in his car while holding a gun. TMZ reports the video showed a visibly upset Johnson speaking about the ways he’s “been wronged,” while crying. Complex reported


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

William Simmons wrote 
Success is so bitter sweet, my heart goes out to him. My deepest sympathy.

Brittany Nicole Shuttleworth wrote 
Man prayers. Keep your head up. So sorry for the loss of your brother. Lost a cousin from suidice a few years ago.

Barbara Mesce wrote 
My prayer are with you and your beautiful family and friends so sorry for your loss

Vanessa Perez wrote 
Rip i recorded a verse for him and his brother in Dallas at a studio, he was laying averse for my homie. His brother was very quiet and seemed to have a lot in mind.

Dee Brown wrote 
Damn I was just talking about Dababy and his bro after listening to the intro with my girl earlier today.. Crazy how fast things can happen man..R.I.H and everyone hold your loved ones. You never know what could happen.

Wan Is wrote 
if you lose direction in life, look for something that can calm you down, learn all kinds of religious teachings that exist, you will find light, don’t waste our lives.

Jordan Taylor wrote 
Damn…. first he sacrificed his dad. Now his brother? He’s gonna have to hell to pay in his after life.

Alton Keitt wrote 
Isn’t it something that a star looses someone close to them in their family during their career on the come up? How many times have we seen this report?

Robin Tarintino wrote 
37 with three kids and a wife, “happily married” never know what a MF is going through mann .

Ian Hurt wrote 
Yall keep checking on ppl u kno. I know ppl have to know least 1 person that battles mental health issues. Check on them, I’ve almost been there.

Rashod Sewell wrote 
Here y’all go with this sacrifice shit… Suicide is real and it happens all the time. Sacrifice ain’t got shit to do with it. Y’all annoying.

Brittany Taylor wrote 
Yeah prayers to all those people he bullied & knocked out too.

Mikey Alamode wrote 
People are way more interested in promoting conspiracy Theories rather than acknowledging the mental health issue in this country especially within our community.

Xavier Hawthorne wrote 
Why is people laughing at this no respect for his family

Him SenSai wrote 
Something might be big coming up for him or them people collecting

Kym Reigns wrote 
Just read on another news page that his brother was gunned down. Which is it? RIP to whoever it is

Zandra L. Bowen wrote 
Y’all thought y’all was gonna get a comment from Da Baby’s team after a loss like that when it literally just happened? Smh. Rude.

Duane Lopez wrote 
Rest in power. But why is everyone saying something about a sacrifice?

Alexander Garcia Vega wrote 
I’ve been an. Angry person for the last 7 years…. if you having trouble controlling your emotions I recommend looking into microdosing lsd I’ve melted my depression and I’ve structured my thoughts.

James Milton wrote 
Damn ain’t that the same brother he just posted as his personal trainer the other day?

Cosa Nostra wrote 
They always go through too many things that overcome their minds at their young ages

Frank Nitti wrote 
Sacrifices. Amazing how when these guys blow up or right before, ppl that are close to them starts dying. These ppl only care about themselves.

Michael Gray wrote 
Reminds me of kayo waka flocka’s brother rip to u both  depression isn’t a joke

Mark Lemley wrote 
To the nimrods saying sacrifice, his dad died in 2019 right before his fame took off. So this is a sacrifice too lol, foh. Lay off the water guys, it’s bad for your health.

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