Google Lawsuit Email : Google Plus Data Litigation is not a Scam.

By admin | August 7, 2020

Google sent out an email about a class action settlement if you were a Google plus user, for $7.5 million because they exposed people’s data. Their payout for exposing my personal data is between $5-$12. 

Google Plus Class Action Settlement.

You may have received a “Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus – Your Rights May Be Affected”. You can file a claim and receive as much as $12.00. Highest claim possible. Multiple claims prohibited. 

Under the Settlement, Google will pay $7.5M to fund: (1) Settlement payments (2) attorneys’ fees not to exceed 25% For clarity, the maximum Payment to be made to any single Claimant shall not exceed US$12.00.

This is hilarious. Apparently anyone who ever had or used a Google Plus account is getting an email telling them they are entitled to a payment on account of a class action lawsuit settlement against the company. Researching it shows it IS legitimate.

Google Plus Notice of Class Action Settlement is not Scam.

Emails regarding settlement of a classaction lawsuit against the now-discontinued Google Plus service are raising suspicions because of nonfunctioning links.

This morning, Google was able to confirm to us that the Google Plus Class Action Settlement email is indeed legitimate. Last night, the settlement website experienced a brief outage which prevented the email’s links from working as they should.

What are people Saying

A person with the a twitter username @esparta wrote “Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus” I really hope Google pay for all the damage they inflict me when: – Let user post animated gif on Google+ – Promote everywhere of a social network DOA – Close the network when I had 2 years of NO intention of use”.

Another person with the username @BobH221 wrote “I just received a “Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus.” If I fill out a claim form, my payout would be US$5.00. Hardly worth the trouble. The lawyers will probably get MILLIONS. Years ago I got a *15-cent* credit on a major credit card from a “settlement.”


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