Great White Shark Tracker : Great White Shark Found in Long Island Sound

By admin | May 21, 2019


Great White Shark Spotted in Greenwich CT

Researchers claimed a great white shark has been tracked to the Long Island Sound for the first time in history.

Cabot, as it’s called as spotted off the coast of Greenwich Connecticut on Monday, according to OCEARCH, an organization that tracks marine life including sharks, dolphins and turtles. Cabot is a nearly 10-foot-long “sub-adult” male weighing about 533 pounds.

The shark, named Cabot, was spotted Monday morning off the coast of Greenwich, Connecticut, according to OCEARCH, USATODAY reported.

“I heard sending a ping from the Long Island Sound had never been done before by a white shark … so naturally I had to visit and send one off,” researchers tweeted using the shark’s handle @GWSharkCabot.



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