Hacked Pics : Demi Lovato New Nudes Photos Leaked on Snapchat.

By admin | October 19, 2019

Hacked Pics : Demi Lovato New Nudes Photos Leaked on Snapchat.

Hackers has seized the snap-chat account of singer Demi Lovato and posted her nude picture on the platform.

On Thursday evening her snapchat friends began to notice the appearance of her nude picture on her account.

Fans reported seeing a SnapStory on the singer’s account encouraging followers to follow a swipe-up link to a Discord chat room for the “The Chuckling Squad” account.

The message offered a swipe-up link to “The Chuckling Squad” account, asking fans to sign up to their Discord server to see more images.
Although the pictures has now been removed from Demi’s snapchat, and the hackers Discord account suspended,  but people already saved copies of them and its spreading like fire on the internet.

According to online reports,  the hacking gang who targeted Demi is the same that targeted actress Chloe Grace Moretz. This group of hackers specialized in leaking celebrities nude photos online.

This is not the first time Lovato has faced a leaked-nude scandal.

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Zanny Ex
If you’re excited over Demi Lovato’s nudes getting leaked, unfriend me now. It’s 2019 and if you don’t have the core HUMAN morality to process how disgusting that is, there is no friendship here. You’re supporting/fueling a dangerous field of mental health and self esteem issues by exposing someone like that WHILE hiding behind your computer/tablet/phone. Absolutely disgusting.

Allan J Cramer

I agree with you but…on the other end of the rainbow, wouldn’t you try to look at the leak of a male celebrity’s nudes that you idolized? Or is it b/c what she’s going through that makes it not ok? Looking for clarity and understanding, not an arguement.

J Cramer I feel like it depends on the situation and this one is sensative. If it was someone who didn’t care and expressed that and found the situation humorous. Go for it. IF it happened to me I’d laugh it off and love memes from it. Etc. But in this situation it’s someone who has battled depression, anxiety, body image, self harm, etc. So I feel like knowing the situation shows depths of a person’s character. That being said, I do also feel like that mentality alone is something we all need to work on. It’s super easy to live in the moment and be like oof let me see and send to friends/share over brunch without processing the depths of what you’re doing/the violation of consent so I feel like as a whole we should all start recognizing that and moving away from doing it.

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