Hans Küng Death – Obituary : Catholic priest and theologian Hans Küng has Died.

By John Okoro | April 6, 2021

Hans Küng Death – Obituary  : Catholic priest and theologian Hans Küng has Died.

Catholic priest and theologian Hans Küng has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on April 6. 2021.

National Catholic Reporter  6h  · Catholic priest and theologian Hans Küng, the renowned scholar and prolific writer who had lived with Parkinson’s disease, macular degeneration and arthritis since 2013, died April 6 at his home in Tubingen, Germany. He was 93.

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John Boyd-boland

A man of courage, integrity, humility, and scholarship never afraid to challenge us all to rethink traditional views. Thank you Dr Kung RIP

Dave Armstrong
Kung was a man of theological integrity. He chose the path of freedom in his thought while his contemporary, Ratzinger, chose to align his thoughts with the institution. I believe integrity will far outlive the institution.

Paul Mclaughlin
A terrible loss. i hope Benedict recognizes how he was on the wrong side and sought reconciliation.

Diane McManus
RIP. Not afraid to speak truth to power. Grateful he had a full life, grateful for his voice.

Shirley Schmidt
Sad to hear of the passing of this brilliant theologian. Prayers for him.
· Reply · 2h
Amy DiNizo Carroll
A great loss for the church. Brilliant mind and a good man.
· Reply · 5h
Mary Cotter Naughton
So sad. He was a brave man in a repressive time. One of my great hero’s!
· Reply · 5h
Tom Harder
Possessor of a brilliant and thoughtful theological mind. He will be missed.

Jalna Jones
Yes, controversial for some; for me, a true theologian.
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. May this good man Rest In Peace.

Marie Mckenna
Major influence in my theological training. RIP good and faithful servant.

Cheryl Ortega
Kung was the mentor, advocate, model for progressive Catholics since Vatican II in the 60’s. A most admired man. RIP.

Clarence White
I was a Protestant pastor before I became Catholic. We studied Kung at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in the 80s. Wonderful Theological mind.

Jean-Léon Laffitte
Dissident theologian Hans Kung was recently awarded the “Kulturpreis Deutscher Freimaurer” (Culture Award of German Freemasons), for a “lifetime of service to the Craft” and for being a “free and brave thinker.” Kung lost his mission canonica, the faculty to teach Catholic theology, in the 1980’s. Kung rejects the Church’s infallibility, posits that any baptized person has the power to confect the Holy Eucharist, denies that bishops receive their teaching authority from Christ, and denies that Christ is “consubstantial” with the Father. In his book On Being a Christian, Kung denies the bodily resurrection of Jesus (p. 350), denies that Christ founded the institutional Church (p. 109), denies the divinity of Christ (p. 130), dismisses the miracles of the Gospel (p. 233), and denies that the Mass is the representation of Calvary (p. 323). If ever there was a man deserving of an award for a “lifetime of service to the Craft,” it is Hans .

Lilliam Schlachter
My Paul was inspired by Kung’s outreach to all Christians, by looking beyond the limitations of Christian manifestations to where Christ shows himself in the world. There was always an effort to deepen the discussion and speaking honestly without condescending. Paul thinks he wasn’t fully aware of how many people he reached over the years.

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