Harry Perry Death : Venice Beach Legend, The Kama Kosmic Krusader is not dead.

By | December 15, 2020

Harry Perry Death : Venice Beach Legend, The Kama Kosmic Krusader is not dead.

Harry Perry is not dead. Someone spoke with his son, and he is still with us!! Thank goodness❤ Not sure why it would say that unless someone had a reason behind it.

Edit* I guess this was some kinda fucked up prank. Kama Kosmic Rides on!!! He’s still kickin!!
Just heard of the passing of Venice Beach Legend,The Kama Kosmic Krusader Harry Perry. I hope your guitar is tuned and your skates oiled in the afterlife.
Mojave Lords wrote
I just heard that this is not true! Glad to hear that, but bummed that folks would publish untrue stuff about awesome people. Thanks for letting us know!! Ride on and rock on HARRY PERRY.
Joe Jimenez wrote

And certainly more GOOD News coming to you directly from here “The Community 90291” Facebook page.!! Yes

Harry Perry

is Alive & Well.! Venice Rumors continue to be equally Alive & Well-ish.!?? .

" a message from another world" Harry Perry
Harry Perry is above ground, alive and well. Just spoke to him….it’s a hoax. Made my heart skip when someone sent me the msg. Screw you wikipedia…get your sh*t together. ~starcitydee
Great to see all is well!! Was super bummed to think Venice lost you. I’ve seen you many many times over the yrs. Always been a welcoming sight to see. Blessings ✨
This has been circulating everywhere.. thank you for the clarification and so happy to know Harry is well and here with us!
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