Death – Obituary : Herman Cain Dead After Contracting Coronavirus at Trump’s Rally.

By | July 26, 2021

Death – Obituary : Herman Cain Dead After Contracting Coronavirus at Trump’s Rally.

Herman Cain, a onetime Republican presidential candidate and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, has died from coronavirus, according to an obituary sent from his verified Twitter account and Newsmax, where he was launching a television show.

As a co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, Cain was one of the surrogates at President Donald Trump’s June 20 rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma — which saw at least eight Trump advance team staffers in attendance test positive for coronavirus. Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh has told CNN that Cain did not meet with Trump at the Tulsa rally., according to a statement posted online on Jul. 29, 2020 by CNN


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Barbara Wellington wrote 
My prayers are with the wonderful Herman Cain during this uncertain time. I hope and pray that he recovers fully and quickly. America still needs his voice.

Deborah J Howell wrote 
My prayers are going forth for you Mr. Cain. I pray for your complete recovery. I also pray that your family, staff and friends all be shielded from this virus. You hang in there sir. I think you are a pretty tough guy and will beat this hands down. My heart is with you.

Valerie Esparza wrote 
We know we serve a mighty God who heals His people. I pray for a full recovery for our brother Herman Cain. In Jesus Name!

Betty Shrome wrote 
Prayers to you, Mr. Cain, for a speedy recovery with no added complications! Your commentaries give us faith that there are some people who truly understand what is going on and aren’t afraid to keep us informed! Bless you!

Ken Johnson wrote 
Hang in there Mr. Cain WE THE PEOPLE need your voice soooooo badly during these very troubled times!!!!! Get well VERY soon sir !!!!!

Ron Mullins wrote 
My Prayers and thoughts are with and for Herman Cain’s recovery process. God Bless Herman Cain who is all about the goodness of life. I still don’t know how to see his documentary.

Debbie Dutcher Riley wrote 
Praying for Mr Cain! We can’t afford to loose a good man like him. God will bless him.

Stephanie Fraser wrote 
I feel confident he will recover from this because he is a positive and determined force in the world! Praying .

Jamie Jamison Mosher wrote 
Praying for God’s healing touch Herman & the spediest recovery……….America needs your voice………you are one of a very few who can talk logically & sensibly to the the folks Hoping all will be well for you & your family .

Gracie Gunn wrote 
Praying for Herman Caine and his family, and all other families who have contracted this Virus. God is Able.

Lisa Greene wrote 
Praying for the Lords healing touch on Mr. Cain and for wisdom for the ones treating him! What a powerful voice he is in the world today! Praying God heals you and strengthens you and that you are back in your seat soon — America needs you!!.

WilliamJoe N Greta Daniel wrote 
Praying for a great man to recover. It rains on the just and the unjust. Others will be praying for him also. Joe

Sally Suter wrote 
Prayers for your recovery, Mr. Cain. We desperately need strong voices like yours in our country. Get Well Soon!

Tim Behan wrote 
Prayers and a wish of a speedy recovery Herman.
Listening to your show back in 2013 opened my eyes and taught me to look at both sides of the story.
Get well sir

Tina Staffos Cameron wrote 
He doesn’t deserve your “thoughts and prayers”! My God… he made fun of the virus, just took up a hospital bed, and is putting doctors and nurses in danger because he politicized a pandemic! Tell him to go home and shake his wife’s hands.. He laughed at science…

Rebecca Anglin wrote 
Mr. Herman Cain, please get well soon. Hate to hear that you contracted the virus and I will certainly be praying for a speedy recovery. We need you back on the air.

Kathy Parker wrote 
Praying for you Mr. Cain, and for all of those who have contracted this disease. God, please bless this country and deliver us from evil!

Jo Henderson Pierotti wrote 
Praying for your swift recovery! Your conservative voice in greatly needed during this turbulent time.

Sil Bob wrote 
He will be fine, he has too much to live for, love you Mr. Cain; God bless you and God bless America.

Brian Fahey wrote 
Get well soon Mr. Cain. Another great voice for conservatism. We appreciate all that you do.

Rhoda K. Butler wrote 
Prayers are in the air…….My best wishes for a speedy, complete recovery for a GREAT AMERICAN……Happy 4th to you……I look forward to more of your fabulous sanity in this whacky world we find ourselves in……Stay Strong……xxxooo

Nancy Beyer wrote 
Praying for quick and complete recovery for this kind and gentle man. Our country needs your voice Sir.

Etta KT wrote 
Keep up the fight! God is with you no doubt! You are needed to continue the important work and use your strong voice, He has given you!
Thank You!!!

Leslie J Burkett Overturf wrote 
No! I do not want Herman to suffer through this! First and foremost as a fellow human I want you to recover and thrive. But as a strong conservative voice I want you to thrive as well!

Ceci Campos wrote 
Praying for you Mr. Cain. Pray God will grant you a speedy recovery. You are loved by many and we need you to keep on fighting all this corruption in our country.

Sandy Brown Carls wrote 
Why pray for him? He knowingly put himself in the position of getting Covid. Now he wants healthcare staff to help him out and put themselfs in harms way. Shame on him.

Karen Thomas wrote 
I’m praying for you, too! You have so many people in this country who depend on you and are grateful to God FOR you!

Francine Morris wrote 
Maybe you should have been wearing a mask! Hopefully, you will be better able to tell your followers to wear masks. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Lori Herndon Sheffieck wrote 
Sending prayers to Mr Cain, his family and all the medical staff! Speedy recovery sir!🙏

Nicolette NuVogue wrote 
So now because he didn’t take it seriously and never wore a mask and attended a rally he is taking up a hospital bed and hospital staff that could go to someone else who did take it seriously.

Beth Redmond Barton wrote 
Praying for you, Mr Cain – as well as for your family and the medical team assisting you. Praying for a speedy and complete recovery!

Jon Miller wrote 
“Fate whispers to the warrior, you cannot withstand the storm!” The warrior smiles & whispers back, “I am the storm..!” With the greatest respect & appreciation to this awesome warrior!!
RVN vet ‘68-‘69

Troy Alan wrote 
Ah, terrible new. I wonder how this could have happened? Could it be that Trump has been wrong since the beginning, and you’ve carried his water the entire time? I sure hope they find a cure for this “hoax” soon. You are not a young man.

Winslow Wolfe wrote 
I’m 67 took the medicine POTUS recommended took 2 days before feeling better, 5days later went home feeling great. Hosp did not want to give the med. but I complained loud enough they did. helped greatly God Bless sir.

Terry Hamilton wrote 
Praying for you sir, your family and medical team during this time. May God give you strength and healing so you can continue the mission He commissioned for you to fulfill.

Kelly Sanchez wrote 
Everyone knows he got sick at the trump rally a saw the rally he wasn’t using a mask they told them indoor rally was a mistake keep following trump.

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    What a horrible lying, misleading site. He died of colon cancer. And for you to try and score political agenda points off the death of someone and trivialize their death and dismiss the horrible disease that killed him in the process shows just how low the left, and sites that support the left, have gotten.


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