Houston Chinese Consulate Fire : Documents Burned Inside Consulate General

By | July 22, 2020

Police in Houston Texas are investigating a fire incident at the Chinese Consulate General.

Police received reports that documents were being burned in the courtyard of the consulate just after 8 PM Tuesday 21, June 2020 at the official Consulate General of China located at 3417 Montrose Boulevard.

Video Inside Chinese General Consulate Houston.

Someone who live next door to the consulate captured the moment documents was being burned inside the consulate and shared it with local news agencies.

Houston Fire Department Response.

A video shared on social media show the Houston Fire Department responding to the fire incident at 3417 Montrose Boulevard, the location of the Chinese General Consulate in Houston, Texas.

What People are Saying.

A man who identifies himself as Luis on twitter wrote “China is burning documentation of their agents bribing US politicians, just as Trump announced there was “big news coming in regards to China in the next 8 weeks” and just as AG Barr fired shots across the bow to US companies and organizations in regards to CCP”
Ronald Foreman also wrote “Those documents will be burned in vain. The NSA no doubt has a complete, voluminous file confirming the Depravity Party’s “collusion” with the CCP during President Trump’s Adm. Not sure if they have the full file of incriminating traffic amassed during the Obama Admin.
However If any such thing existed, we would have known about it months ago. Trump has the entire Fed govt searching high and low for material to smear Biden with. It doesn’t exist. You guys are completely out of your minds, projecting onto Obama the shit Trump pulls on a daily basis”
NuYu Aesthetics wrote  My videos from previous fire I took from outside Chinese Consulate in ‘17 were from same time of year- 1st wk of Aug & end of July this time. Interesting. Wonder what documents were set on fire & by whom. Happened both times early evening after a rainy day & night before.


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