How to get a government job?

By | July 3, 2020

How to get a government job?

A job for the US government is a great opportunity to make a difference in many aspects of people’s lives. The government fills over 90,000 jobs each year, meaning that candidates with all skill sets, interests and of all career levels can find a matching opportunity. Moreover, salaries are competitive with those in private sector, and the health insurance and retirement benefits you can count on are much better than those offered by for-profit companies.

Yet, federal resumes are written differently. They use a specific lingo, terms and format that an average job-seeker might not be familiar with. If you search for a government job for the first time, the best strategy is to hire a consultant from a resume and cover letter writing service, for example, They will help you make a custom high-quality CV that reflects your professional strengths and complies with federal resume rules, at a cheap cost.

6 tips to find a government job

Learn more about the existing opportunities

Government jobs are provided by hundreds of agencies and departments, and each organization has its specifics and principles of work. You might want to research departments near you that hire professionals with your skills and experience and find out what it’s like to work there. Sites like and provide information on federal organizations, job descriptions, and employee satisfaction levels.

Use federal job search websites

Federal jobs are advertised separately from the public sector ones. Your go-to resource is – the lion’s share of jobs are posted there. Each job posting comes with minimal qualification requirements and instructions on how to apply. Yet, some government organization prefer posting jobs on their own websites, so if you have specific agencies in mind, monitor them as well.

Complete the applications scrupulously

There are more restrictions and regulation in the government job search process than you might be used to. In particular, agencies don’t accept incomplete applications or those filled out incorrectly. Moreover, they won’t accept your application if you’re at least few hours late. And, most importantly, they will absolutely not consider you for a job if you don’t meet at least one of the listed qualifications. So, take your time to evaluate your fit for the job and write the application carefully.

Peace Corps volunteers have a huge preference

During a year after your completion of a voluntary service, you have a preference in getting a government job. A federal department can interview you and hire much faster, and you won’t have to go through all stages of a competitive hiring process. Moreover, they can hire you for a job that hasn’t been advertised, so don’t miss your chance and contact the target agency directly.

Be ready that it will take longer than usual

Landing a job in private sector takes 9 weeks on average. Yet, finding a government job can take you 6 months or above. Bureaucracy is alive and well in government organization, and this is something you should be ready for. So, if you’re currently employed, don’t hurry up to quit your job as the process of getting hired by the government can take much longer than you expected.

Rewrite your resume

As mentioned above, writing resumes for federal jobs are different from those one-page applications where you are supposed to market yourself. They are typically longer (two to five pages), more detailed and follow a specific format. In particular, it should use government keywords, provide a salary history and detailed job descriptions.

In this case, hiring a certified writer from professional cover letter writing service is a viable solution. Someone who understands the peculiarities of government resumes can do my resume and a cover letter for me at an affordable pay online. To get started, you need to proceed with purchase of your order and state your requirements to the best cover letter writing service. Yet, it’s important that you buy from legal services that employs the top US and UK writers that guarantee quality work.

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