Hunter Romell Death and Obituary

By | June 4, 2020

Hunter Romell Death and Obituary

Here is the thing though, VETERANS have spoken out about this subject. They have stated they fought for people to have the FREEDOM and RIGHTS to kneel during the anthem. They fought for a free America. I know military men and women who kneel because they see what they fought for is free speech. Kneeling during a protest is free speech.

Speaks his feelings on a divisive subject and unapologetically I might add and is berated. Free speech is dead folks. This man has given back to the New Orleans community hand over fist. He has embodied the essence of what it means to be from New Orleans. But that’s forgotten because he spoke from his heart and why he disagrees with someone. 1st Amendment is dead!

This is a man I can get behind. God, country, morals, and support his fellow man. He should not be getting negative feedback for his beliefs. He just donated 5 million dollars of his own money to feed the needy during COVID and this is how he is repaid?

Drew Brees is a true patriot..and should be respect for the same ,His ability to separate respect for the Country and criminal acts should be respected. These so called professional belittling him should step back and see what they are really saying…Not one has done one thing to support any action to stop any of the nonsense..except to run their mouths…maybe if they spent some time finding out the facts…and supporting the individual who are involved in any altercation ..running out for publicity just belittles them selves…supporting wide spread kayos get nothing done…no one is denying there isn’t injustice on both spend the time finding out the truth in the first place and use your influence to make it right …instead of face time in the news…do the right thing for once in your lives….Stop enabling more conflict…it’s your choice… But reasoning falls on deaf ears…

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