Ian Gilroy Death – Obituary News : Ian Gilroy of Pensacola FL has died .

By | September 10, 2021

Ian Gilroy Death – Obituary News : Ian Gilroy of Pensacola FL  has died .

We are sad to report that Ian Gilroy of Pensacola FL  has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 3. 2021.

Keith Matthews 8h  · My big buddy Ian Gilroy. You were always larger than life in my eyes, invincible in some ways. Like a myth, but one that made everyone else around you feel empowered and happy. Perhaps that’s why today feels so surreal. We would sit and talk about nothing for hours, laughing constantly, and then make fat jokes about each other when we were done. “I bet if I told you we have cupcakes you’d come” – I can hear you now. Always a “love yah buddy” and a hug when saying goodbye. Always a word of advice even when I wasn’t ready to hear it. Always a subtle arm grab when I got out of hand reminding me of just how strong you were. You’re the biggest, best buddy of any big best buddy I had, and like a brother to me. I’ll never forget you driving to my house to pick me off the floor when I had a full body cramp, you carrying me up the stairs, and putting me in the tub and starting a showe, waiting until you knew I was ok. Sorry you had to undress me, but thanks for doing things no one else would. Even though I can’t give you another hug, I’ll never stop “lovin yah buddy” and telling our stories. You still have your spot as a groomsman at my wedding, I’ll make sure of it. RIP Big Fella, thanks for all the laughs. Love yah buddy.

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Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Slater Dance wrote
Trying to muster up the words to accurately describe just how much your friendship meant to me will forever be impossible, I love you and I’ll miss you forever Ian Gilroy.

Eric Christopher Holstman wrote
My friend Ian Gilroy. I am privileged to be your friend and so incredibly thankful for our time together in this life. I will miss you everyday but I will see you again. Your friend,
Eric.Cori James wrote
Whaaatt?? Devastating news. He was the best! Ian and I were buddies from the very first time We met. I called him Sapphire because I thought that was his nickname. Turns out it was “scrap Iron” but he never corrected me! I ran into him about a week ago and Gave him a BIG hug because I hadn’t seen him in quite some time. I will always be grateful for that! I Love you Sapphire!Tyler Theriault wrote
We lost one of the biggest humans on this Earth today…that is physically and personality wise.
Ian you were one of the best people on this Earth! You always made everyone else smile, you always had something to say to help someone, and you never let anyones head go down!
I remember when I tore my ACL in 2015 you literally left whatever you were doing to drive to me and make sure I was alright. And then after surgery you made sure I was doing my rehab and would come to beach with me to work with me to get back to full strength! I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!
I can speak for a few of the younger players in the northwest region, you really encouraged us to keep playing ball even when we didn’t want to, because we were getting crushed by the older guys!
I can’t thank you enough for being the person that you were and today is the first time I feel like I’ve lost someone who I wish I could’ve said how much I appreciate you one last time!
Love and miss you Ian Gilroy! You’re a legend! You will be missed by so many!

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Ryan Lee Coulter wroteSuch an amazing human!! If you need anything Keith let us know.Meaghan Allen wrote
Love you Nug. Things won’t be the same without his goofy laugh and big tight hugs.

Santana Majors wrote
This is unbelievably heartbreaking. So sorry Keith. Here if you need anything at all.

Marcus Monn wrote
Thoughts and prayers are with you, the friends, and family. Gone too early

Adrian Rich wrote
Keeping you guys and the Pcola vball fam in prayers… Ian felt like family even to strangers. No words… just prayers and love buddy .

Kristy Sepulveda Ross wrote
So sorry to hear of Ian’s passing Keith… prayers for his family and friends.

Katie Cody wrote
Keith- I am so sorry to hear this news. My heart is breaking for all of you. What a treasure his friendship was for you and so many others. You have all my love and prayers.

Sharon Byrd Hamilton wrote
You all have been on my mind. This has been an unbelievably sad day. Ian will be missed by so many! Love you!! Hugs and prayers!

Nelly Yambo wrote
OMG! so sad, so young… One hilarious dude. Awesome player. Always seemed to have fun and you guys made playing beach funny. My condolences to his family…

Janine Ahlers Bruce wrote
I’m so heartbroken for all those who loved Ian. My heart is heavy with the pain you all are going through..thinking and praying for his family and all those whose lives he touched ..

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