In Loving Memory of Andy Gibb : Biography – Cause of Death

By | May 1, 2019

Andy Gibb is a British singer and songwriter, born March 5, 1958 in Manchester and died March 10, 1988 in Oxford. He was the youngest son of Hugh Gibb and Barbara Pass.

Following the success of his three brothers, Andy plays in local clubs in Ibiza, Spain, and then moves with his parents to the Isle of Man.

In 1975, he returned to Australia that he had left early in 1967 (his parents and his brothers had emigrated there in August 1958) and there met a huge success with Words and Music of which he is the only songwriter. On July 11, 1976, he gets married to Kim Reeder with whom he will have a child, a daughter, Peta (the marriage will only last two years and he will see very little of his daughter thereafter).

In 1977 he signed a record contract with Robert Stigwood for the British label RSO Records, a division of Polydor Great Britain, where his brothers are also under contract. His first American number 1 (July 1977) I Just Want to Be Your Everything is written by his brother Barry Gibb.

His second single (Love Is) Thicker Than Water, co-written with Barry and featuring Joe Walsh, a former James Gang guitarist with The Eagles, was again number 1 in March 1978, giving the Bee Gees (Stayin ‘Alive ), who are not long in taking it back with Night Fever.

In June 1978, Andy became the first artist to have three consecutive numbers 1 with Shadow Dancing, co-written by the four Gibb brothers. He will have other successes especially in the United States between September 1978 and June 1981.

Out of inspiration because of his addiction to cocaine and alcohol, he goes through a long uncertain time. He was treated in California in 1985, but his successive attempts to end his addiction will result in failures. Even Victoria Principal, whom he is very in love with in the early 1980s, will ask her to choose between her and drugs, to no avail. Nevertheless, he managed to get by in the spring of 1987.

In 1985, he made an appearance in episode 9 of the first season of the TV series Punky Brewster.

In 1988, he signed a new contract with Island Records to record an album in the United Kingdom. On March 7 of the same year, while working on this album, he suffered from an upset stomach and pain in the rib cage. Urged out of Oxford’s Radcliffe Hospital, doctors send him home twice, not immediately detecting the seriousness of his condition (in fact myocarditis), because they are not aware of his past medical.

He died in hospital on March 10, 1988, five days after his 30th birthday.

His mother, who had joined him a few days earlier, said of him: “Andy never grew up, he was like Peter Pan, he was a little boy all his life, he remained a baby all his life ( fragile) “. A “baby” she and her brothers have tried in vain to save for years, especially in the fight against his addictions.

His cause of death was determined to be Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium). Myocarditis can affect your heart muscle and your heart’s electrical system, reducing your heart’s ability to pump and causing rapid or abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias)

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