Obesity • Coronavirus • Body mass index : Obesity’s link to Covic-19 Grows

By admin | May 25, 2020

Obesity • Coronavirus • Body mass index : Obesity’s link to Covic-19 Grows.

The parents and two brothers of Silvia Deyanira Melendez, 24, are all in therapy after losing their daughter and sister to COVID-19 on March 28.

“I don’t have the words to say how beautiful and nice to the family she was,” her father, Marcos Melendez, said Friday.

She weighed more than 300 pounds with a body mass index of 60, double the BMI considered obese. This most likely contributed heavily to her Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and a heart condition that required open heart surgery two years ago.

The chronic conditions that increase the risk of serious illness and death of COVID-19 are by now well known: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and being older than 65. Obesity is less well known or understood. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention groups “severe obesity,” defined as having a BMI of 40 or higher, with the other known “risk factors for serious illness” for COVID-19. Read full Story 




mark hutchison wrote
#GirtherMovement #PlumpTrump Alex Azar is blaming the “unhealthiness” of blacks for their death rate from Coronavirus. Has he advised his boss to get under control his comorbidity of obesity? Trump shouldn’t be popping pills with serious side effects instead he should diet.
Shem Horne wrote 


A reporter just asked President Trump how his administration is going to deal with Coronavirus deaths linked to obesity, diabetes, etc and claimed that it is connected to our food supply lol. What.
Robert Carrillo wrote
we gotta get gyms open exercising and weight lifting decreasing mortality especially during this time one huge factor with corona virus deaths is obesity second leading cause of cancer Obesity leading cause of death is heart disease in the us mainly linked to obesity
Timothy Reigle
If the government was truly concerned for your health and well-being, they’d be fighting these epidemics as aggressively as COVID: –obesity -opioids -porn -fatherless homes -mental health These have destroyed more lives than coronavirus ever will.
Ian Burnett wrote
Saw a couple of adverts from the Scottish Clinical Director and Chief Nurse giving Coronavirus advice. We’re told to stay in, wash our hands and shield the elderly and vulnerable. With obesity being a factor I expect they will be making adverts about going on a diet next.
unpopular_thoughts wrote
The most relentless, devastating, serious, costly, pressure on the health of our country is smoking and obesity, not Coronavirus. So I hope all the judgmental PsOfS turn their venom on the smokers and McDonalds eaters when this abates.


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