Irvin Baxter Death -Dead : Pastor Irvin Baxter of Endtime Ministries has Died – Cause of Death is Coronavirus.

By | September 13, 2021

Irvin Baxter Death -Dead : Pastor Irvin Baxter of Endtime Ministries has Died – Cause of Death is Coronavirus.

Pastor Irvin Baxter has died at the age of 75, according to the following statements posted on social media on November. 2, 2020.

“Endtime Ministries on Twitter: “It is with deep grief that we announce the passing of Irvin Baxter. Though, we find comfort in knowing that he has without a doubt entered his great reward. He was 75. Read the full update at ”

Who is Irvin Baxter ?

Irvin Baxter Jr. (born October 8, 1945) was an American Oneness Pentecostal minister, televangelist, author, and biblical scholar who hosted the internationally syndicated biblical prophecy television program, End of The Age, and, who also was the founder and president of Endtime Ministries, a Christian organization devoted to presenting his views on Christian eschatology. Baxter was also an author, publisher, broadcaster and international prophecy teacher. Before he founded Endtime Ministries, Baxter served as pastor of the Oak Park Church (UPCI) in Richmond, Indiana for approximately 32 years.

Irvin Baxter Cause of Death

We have not information on how he died or what caused his death at the moment.


Lynn Bryson wrote 
I am so SAD…. he was an amazing Christian and person….his teachings will live on and I thank him for giving me understanding….

Joshua Lukens wrote 
Another soldier made it home to glory. Prayers for the family. Bro Baxter will be greatly missed and his shoes will never b filled. His ministry taught us so much about the end times and his legacy will carry on

Ron Secrest wrote 
May our Brother Irvin rest in peace from all his pain and suffering from this dreaded disease. Truly a man of God that will be missed by all on this planet. God has a special place and role in Heaven for him. My deepest condolences for his wife, family… See More

Virginia Trammell wrote 
Prayers for his family and friends. May God comfort them in this time of loss. Even though you know they are with Jesus it still greaves a person. God be with you all, in Jesus Name, Amen!

Saundra Pate wrote 
He was such a great light to us all , breaks my heart , so sad , prayers for his family , friends and church family. He’s greatly going to be missed. I loved his teaching on end times PROPHECY , I try to keep up with so we can help others in knowing what we face .. I Know he’s shouting on the hills of glory ..PRAISE GOD FOR SUCH A GREAT WARRIOR IN CHRIST ..

Deej Peterson wrote 
Heartfelt prayers for strength and courage for his family and friends in the coming days and weeks ahead. He will be truly missed. A great biblical scholar . I learned so much from watching and listening to him. God Bless.

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Donna Traynham wrote 
Our hearts are broken. We have lost a prophet and a man of God, who was a giant in his field. We thank you for your life of study and scriptural revelation, Bro Baxter. I have been so blessed by your teaching. We are going to miss you so much, but I kn… See More

Sue Phillips wrote 
Words can’t express the sorrow and loss that so many of us feel but the Lord’s will be done. He was a great man of God and we have been blessed to have been taught by him. Love and prayers to the family and his Endtime staff. Love and appreciation to… See More

Thomas Lesh wrote 
Sad sad day!!! The world has lost a great godly man who forever changed the ministry of His glorious kingdom. WE love you Irvin!

Aaron Parks wrote 
Devastating news. Prayers for his family and closest friends. I was blessed to hear him speak in person. May we meet again in heaven.

Donna McCauley wrote 
My heart is broken. Brother Baxter was the best teacher. I thank him for his teaching on me understanding the bible. My condolences to the family, friends and followers. I will miss him. My prayers are with everyone. Blessings

Paula Humble wrote 
So very sad to hear this I was praying God would heal him but God knows best and needed him… Prayers to his family and friends Irvin Baxter will be greatly missed.. Thank you for all you did for the kingdom of God!!

I am so grieved, I am so heart broken! I loved watching Irvin, he was so bright! I was really looking forward to him finishing the second season of Revelations. I grieve with everyone who is also grieving his passing! O my God, O my God my God!

Becky Dennis Rogers wrote 
I am so very shocked and sad to see this! This is so surreal and heartbreaking. My condolences and prayers to his family. I just can’t believe this is true. He certainly led a truly devoted life and reached many more people than you could ever imagi… See More

Felecia Prezzano wrote 
I have been praying for him. He was such a blessing to us with his teachings. He is with the Father and the ultimate goal but we continue to pray for his family.

Rebecca Kirk wrote 
I am so saddened at hearing Bro. Irvin has gone on before us. I said a little prayer and asked the Lord if he would make a way for Bro. Irvin to still be able to ride on that second horse when the Lord comes back, just like Bro. Irvin often said.

Gary Grady wrote 
Truly a remarkable man, I got to see him 3 times in person. He has left a legacy for us to continue in his work in the kingdom of God.

GaryandBetty Palmer wrote 
God is calling so many of our special saints of God home in the past few months. I truly believe the end is near and he is preparing for a mighty battle. Get ready people or be left behind. Prayers of comfort for the family, rejoicing for Pastor Irvin.… See More

Anthony DeLeon wrote 
I am deeply saddened by this news… I thank him for all his great preaching and helping me through a lot of tough times God bless you we will miss you deeply till we meet again in gods kingdom rest in peace in Jesus mighty name .

Rose Escamilla wrote 
Sending our love and prayers to the Baxter family and this wonderful ministry! Our hearts hurt knowing he’s not with us but we rejoice in knowing that we’ll see him again someday soon! Thank you Brother Baxter for your teachings and faithful ministry! … See More

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Leticia Maldonado wrote 
I am so honored to have met this wonderful man of God, his teaching on Endtime put a spark in my walk. It is a sad day but a glorious one as well as Irvine will enter his eternal blessing. My prayers are now with his wife and family.

Trisanne M Springer wrote 
My Lord. What a faithful Son and Servant. Father, thank you for a true watchman on the wall. Praying for Mrs. Baxter, family and the Endtime Ministries family.

Will Shields wrote 
What a tremendous loss this is for the Kingdom , condolences and prayers for all of the family. I have personally learned so much from his ministry and have all faith that Bro Dave Robbins will carry this on and do a tremendous job.

James Gifford wrote 
With the greatest love and compassion I am so sorry a anointed man of God who can not be replaced but his ministry will continue to make a place in our lives and our hearts . We must continue to hold up Sister Baxter and the family through this great l… See More

Debra Woolf wrote 
praying for the family that they fine comfort during this time .he was the light of the world with all of his preaching . he is now enjoying his big reward for all that he has teach us so much about the gospel we will miss him so much . love you rest … See More

Denise F Beaver wrote 
I’m so sorry for your loss  he’s but now in the arms of our Heavenly Father He brought so much light to this dark world and I know Jesus is saying well done good and faithful servant

Nanci Habighorst Ryan wrote 
I am so sad and devastated. I learned so much from Irvin. What a great loss for all. I was so hoping and praying he would see the final seven years and be the mighty warrior for God that he is. I wonder what God has planned for him? It’s gonna be grea… See More

Terry Slayton Schodowski wrote 
This breaks my heart. Loved listening to him. God has brought him home for a reason. The mission of Endtime Ministries must go on and I will continue to pray for and support your ministry. God bless you all and comfort you.

Carolyn Jacobson wrote 
So very Sorry for us but He I believe He has received his GREAT REWARD. Many souls have been born into the Kingdom because of Brother Baxters Ministry. Many Prayers for the family and loved ones!.

Sherri Aragon wrote 
I was honored to have met brother Baxter I know God has richly blessed him showing us what was coming he was so excited to see Gods plan unfold. it saddens my heart that he is not here to see the fullness of what God had planned however I know he’s i… See More

Stephen N Debra Crow wrote 
What an amazing impact Brother Baxter had! He was an amazing communicator and had great influence on thousands of souls. I’m thankful to have known him and benefited from his tremendous ministry. I want to say thank you to his family for sharing him al… See More

Eric Clayton wrote 
This news truly saddens me. God used him greatly while he was with us. My sincere condolences to his wife, family, and the entire End time ministry family.

Rosella Gobble Morgan wrote 
My prayers are with the entire Baxter and Endtime family. He was a great man of God and I know he is now in heaven reaping the rewards of his life of service. Judy, Kara, Jana and Karla, I am sending you much love.

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