Is Donald Trump Dead From Heart Attack – No Donald Trump’s Death News is a Hoax.

By John Okoro | August 27, 2020

Is Donald Trump Dead – Did Donald Trump Die From a Heart Attack ?

Another conspiracy theory circulating on social media is that U.S President Donald Trump has died from heart attack.

Donald Trump was pronounced dead today at 11am following what some are describing as a violent heart attack.

The world famous businessman and TV personality was previously treated for minor cardio vascular issues that followed a mild course of antibiotics.

Fans have already taken to social media to express their emotions with hash tags #RIPTRUMP #TRUMPRIP #TRUMP4EVER. The Snope Reported.

President Donald J Trump is very much alive and will be speaking at the 2020 republican national convention for his re-elections.


Here are some comments posted on social media on this story.

Eli Jah Hill wrote 
Don’t fing excite us like that Snopes!!

Monte Hill wrote 
Why are these people teasing me so?!

Keith Summers-Jennings wrote 
such a shame. it would have done the world a favour

William Wires wrote 
Snopes first published this in 2016 and is now offering this click bait again. Just look at the comments. 🤪

John Ro wrote 
Too bad but we can always hope he drops dead sooner than later!

Bill Pence wrote 
Of course not. My streets aren’t filled with people celebrating, dancing, singing, cheering.

AJ Narkana wrote 
wonder what would be his last frozen expression

Suzy Mokry wrote 
Shocker that the website ran by LEFT-TARDS are getting these types of comments. Trump is your PRESIDENT!

Jonathan Rodriguez wrote 
“Cruel?” Cruel is what he is doing to your country dumm ass

Doug McMurdo wrote 
Get off your high horse, Snopes. Using a sense of decency for anything related to Trump is a bridge too far for all decent people.

Phillip C Reed wrote 
I have never wished anyone dead, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.
[modified from Clarence Darrow]

Darrell Larose wrote 
Yes that really happened during the 2016 campaign… he was replaced with an evil android…

William Pugh wrote 
I’m still going to masterbate to this pic,though…

Ryan Turner wrote 
Snopes sure you can’t double check this one? Maybe you’re wrong for once.

Jodi Day wrote 
No way we are that lucky this is 2020. Nothing that great will happen

Michele Williams wrote 
Too bad, it would have been his first act of public service.

Troy More wrote 
I knew it was fake because the tie is less than four feet long.

Tom Dougherty wrote 
Yes, it’s so indecent to want an end to a man who has caused so much suffering and death. I can’t wait for this to be true. He eats like a pig, fakes his medical test results and hasn’t walked more than a mile in the past 4 years. It shouldn’t be much …

Rajat Dhameja wrote 
Seems like Snopes is fact checking such gossip only to show some validity of their everyday factchecking lies

Nancy Baalman wrote 
Stop giving us hope. The day that shittgibbon dies will be the best day, bestest, biggest party ever.

Randy Bartlett wrote 
It truly is something when the majority of the country … as well as the world. Wishing for this to be true.


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