Is lil Cuete Dead ? No Lil Cuete Death is a Hoax, See What Happened.

By | September 1, 2020

Is lil Cuete dead ? No Lil Cuete Death is a Hoax, See What Happened.

Another conspiracy theory circulating on social media is that American rapper Lil Cuete has died

Who is Lil Cuete ?

Born and raised in Inglewood, CA, California, rapper Lil Cuete has released numerous albums based around the Surenos and other elements of Los Angeles gang culture. He debuted in 2002 with There’s Only One Way About It and the track “Soldier Ready for Death,” and in 2004, he returned with the sophomore LP The Unforgettable.


Death Hoax

This will not be the first time an American celebrity was speculated to have died by social media users.

Few months ago there was a fake news that made headlines that Wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson has died, the actor posted a statement on his social media account to debunk the rumor.

Lil Cuete is fine and alive .

Comments and reactions.

Fans began commenting on the purported death of Lil Cuete on social media.


Bree Face throwing a kiss wrote

Rapper from Norwalk who knew me but I didn’t know him Lil Cuete passed away. No one knows why. I fell asleep last night at about 7:20. Not even 5 minutes after putting my head down. I swear Junior has something to do with this.

Wavy Jodeci Water wave wrote

It’s confirmed on Lil Cuete’s IG account that he passed away. REST IN PEACE Broken heartFolded hands. He was one of my favorite Chicano rappers growing up. Used to slap all his music.

RaQ’Lee wrote

You know your special take my pain away && Eased my mind . one thing for sure I love you until the end of time . The waaaay I feel inside when you look into my eyes – all the nights we spent .

DariiennBlue heart wrote

Y’all, I was really sad and trying to process the “death” of Lil CueteLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceFace with tears of joy The Internet is ruthless for real!
LIL CUETE IS STILL ALIVE!Folded handsFolded hands

Ms Krazie wrote 
&that whole lil cuete hacking nearly gave me a heart attack. you DONT play with LEGENDS like that! just dont. i was hella nervous about texting him& i felt like omg this is one of those times when u txt someone who passed or something.. AWFUL feeling. thank god it was NOT TRUE.
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