Is Uzaki Chan Dead – Uzaki Chan Death Confirmed on Youtube.

By John Chekwas | September 7, 2020

Is Uzaki Chan Dead – Uzaki Chan Death Confirmed on Youtube.

Uzaki Chan Just Died in the Manga This is so sad, We can’t believe this happened

What is Uzaki Chan ?

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Take. It has been serialized through Niconico Seiga’s Dra Dra Sharp website since December 2017 and collected in five tankōbon volumes by Fujimi Shobo as of July 2020.


Qurayantine wrote
This is so sad… I can’t believe Uzaki-Chan actually died… Nothing could bring her down, not even the haters on twitter! But now she is dead- Rest in peace, you will be missed.


MAX Beboid  wrote 

I’m still waiting for the time one of nux’s crazy spoiler meme titles turns out to be true and nux reveals that all the other titles were him giving us a false sense of security so we don’t see the massive flex he was about to drop on us (his own fanbase) coming.

Sally Rangel wrote 

Can’t believe that the author would so this to us. I mean when truck-kun just hit her and left as she bleed on the ground. I think the most emotional part was when she showed up in Fairy tail hundred year quest and started to eat Sasuke’s shit in order to save Zoro from the demon king. It was so sad.

Blastik wrote 

I saw the notification and was like “oh dang, what’s Twitter gonna do now that Uzaki-chan’s gone…” aaaaaand then I realised who posted the video and just said “oh okay”

JFF26 wrote 
No no you have a point..
Maybe her dad found out about it and killed senpai while working out ….
With the outcome Uzaki gets sad and committing suicide….
But the plot twist is that her mum the misunderstanding goddess told her that senpai was killed by her dad because she thought that senpai was dead instead of sleeping.

cavalier liberty wrote 

She died to a monster. He tried getting a job. Rescued a boy from a lobster. Did 100 push ups. 100 sit ups. 100 squats. 10km runs. Became bald. Became the hero we all need. One punch man.

G-man wrote
You know its really impresive how they smoothly transitioned the story into a more serious manga, with the first glance at that being uzaki chans mother being paralized in a terrible accident, then the cat cafe burning down and now this flawless ending, truly a work of modern art. The emotions it makes you convey at the begging with the fan service and the “oo cooky funny moments” and then flip it on its head really throws the mind into a loop, simply put, wow.

Krinky Stinky wrote 
I just wanted to know how whoever that is died. I actually want to know after seeing the thumbnail because people don’t have a rectangle cut out and their shirt and lying of the ground dead.

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