Isadora Nieves Cruz Muerte – Death : Pinky Curvy of Puerto Rico Dies.

By | October 18, 2020

Isadora Nieves Cruz Muerte – Death : Pinky Curvy of Puerto Rico Dies.

A porto Rican woman that goes with the name Pinky Curvy on social media has died, according to a statement posted online on October 18.  2020.
A violent death was reported on Roosevelt Avenue in Hato Rey in front of a restaurant , Porto Rico .
According to preliminary reports, a call to the emergency system 911 alerted authorities about gun shots on Roosevelt Avenue in Hato Rey in front of a restaurant,  officials arrived and found the body of a woman inside a 2017 Toyota Tacoma Gray, she was found dead with with a gunshots wounds.
The deceased was identified as Isadora Marie Nieves Cruz, 24-year-old resident of San Juan.
It’s is alleged that the woman who died goes with a famous name PINKY CURVE on social media .

Photo by “La Voz de Carolina” on Facebook : Isadora Nieves Cruz Muerte – Death : Pinky Curvy of Puerto Rico Dies.

No seguía a ¨Pinky Curvy¨ aunque naturalmente en una que otra ocasión escuché hablar de ella.
Hoy me atrevo a escribir…

Posted by Sonia Ivette on Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sonia Ivette wrote 
I didn’t follow ¨Pinky Curvy Curvy¨ although naturally I heard of her on one other occasion.
Today I dare to write this because from last night while lying in my bed I read the news of her death I thought of my children.
I’m a mother of five, one of them is her age.
In Puerto Rico she became an influencer and I read between yesterday and today since she was selling clothes, studying respiratory therapy at some point and dreaming of riding her own Boutique.
It’s extremely unfortunate what happened to her and I’m not here to judge her in any way because she could have been someone in my family but I want us to analyze something and maybe somehow this girl’s death will help others to think back.
Pinky as she was known had goals, vision of a better future, progress, achieve establishment of her own business, defortally at any given time she was presented to her the way to make money easily, we do not know if by ¨amor¨ love ¨amor¨ she entered that way since his daughter’s father was part of him and for love women many times we lose our minds and we are capable of whatever ¨lo for being with that person we love and love.
She had a court appointment a while ago as she was charged on a federal level for being part of the bargain. Voluntarily surrendered according to what I read and got probation as he made a request to be able to take care of his one year old baby and something.
That moment of opportunity could see it as the perfect escape to leave that dark world, where I imagine you have no peace thinking someone stalks you, you can’t even be calm with your baby because you don’t know who’s watching you.
Let’s all analyze today, because none of us are free from sin, this girl’s situation. That ability you had to attract people to sell your clothes, your cosmetics, follow you for being influencers if you had directed it the right way how much could you have achieved? She helped a lot of girls raise their self-esteem because being a Curvy Model ¨modelo presented her curves like something nice and she knew how to explode. How many girls saw her as a role model?
Should I ask then?
If that girl with her beauty, charisma, gift of people, influences had taken advantage of everything to get ahead doing things right what would she be today?
I hope and many of your followers use your example to make better decisions, analyze the opportunity to get out of a bad way and use your virtues to get out of a legal way, it is possible that you are much stronger and more barren the way, But without a doubt the satisfaction will be immense, you will have peace, quiet and you can enjoy your space without the insecurity that they are watching you.
We can all learn from this girl that life is worth a lot, that a son’s smile pays for everything.
Rest in peace Isadora Nieves Cruz and hopefully and Summer your small brand in this world will have a better life than your mommy’s and use this tragic situation to work a different future than your mommy and daddy.
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