Italya Mojica Death – Obituary News : Is Italya Montserrat Mojica Dead in Santa Ana ?

By | September 13, 2021

Italya Montserrat Mojica Death – Obituary News : Is Italya Montserrat Mojica Dead in Santa Ana ?

This is a developing story that Italya Montserrat Mojica may have died after a shooting incident in  Santa Ana , California , according to some statement posted on social media on September 12. 2021.

We have not been able to verify this story and therefore can not say for sure that the above mentioned individual is dead. This is a developing story.

Is this an Obituary or Death Notice ?

This post can not in anyway serve as an obituary or death notice for the above mentioned individual .
This post will be updated as soon as we have more information and appropriate authorization from the family to publish the cause of death.

This is Not an Obituary

Again this post can not in anyway serve as an obituary or death notice for the above mentioned individual .


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Death & Obituary

Death & Obituary

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