Iyanna Dior Death is a Hoax : Video Show Trans-woman Attacked by Thugs in Minneapolis, Minnesota

By John Chekwas | July 10, 2020
A young Trans woman named Iyana Dior was brutally attacked by a group of mostly Black CIS men in Minneapolis last night.

Just cosmic shared more light what happened.




Raquel Willis
Jun 2
A young Black trans woman named #IyannaDior was brutally attacked by a group of mostly Black cis men in Minneapolis last night. There’s video online that I won’t share.
But this is why we must always clarify that all #BlackLivesMatter every time we invoke this chant.
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Cecilio M. Cooper, PhD
Jun 2
Iyanna Dior is a black trans woman who was brutalized by a mob of cis black men + cis women bystanders yesterday.
She’s based in Minneapolis, MN. There is video of the attack, but I won’t retweet it.
Incidents like this are why black trans people feel like we can’t trust you.
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