Izumi Matsumoto Death – Dead :Izumi Matsumoto Obituary :The creator of Kimagure Orange Road.

By | October 12, 2020

Izumi Matsumoto Death – Dead :Izumi Matsumoto Obituary :The creator of Kimagure Orange Road.

Izumi Matsumoto, the creator of Kimagure Orange Road has died, according to the following statements posted on social media on October. 12, 2020.

“Curse of the usaMUMMY 😱 on Twitter: “Some extremely sad news to share. Izumi Matsumoto, the creator of Kimagure Orange Road, passed away on October 6th–shared in a blog post today on his official website: ”


itono(Re) wrote 

RIP Izumi Matsumoto (real name: Kazuya Terashima), author of “Kimagure Orange Road”(KOR). Died on 6 Oct. 2020, around 0 a.m. JST, in hospital, for illness in heart. Official website announced.

George J. Horvath wrote 
In a magazine filled with crazy, over-the-top action & ridiculous gags, Izumi Matsumoto showed that there was a place for romance manga in Shonen Jump with Kimagure Orange Road. His success allowed someone like Masakazu Katsura to succeed later on with Video Girl Ai & I”s.


Eddie Lehecka wrote
Izumi Matsumoto (creator of Kimagure Orange Road) passed away last week after years of different spinal issues. I’m unfortunately not familiar with a ton of his work but Orange Road is one of my all time favorites, definitely sad news.

PinkAppleJamArt wrote 
Extremely sad news 🙁 Kimagure Orange Road was a solid series and hugely influential for us oldtaku. He was chronically ill for an extremely long time. Rest in peace, Izumi Matsumoto.

George J. Horvath wrote 
Also, KOR & Matsumoto played a big role in the eventual creation of Bastard!!, as crazy as that sounds, since Kazushi Hagiwara was an assistant of Izumi Matsumoto’s during KOR’s run, and Hagiwara admitted to learning so much from Matsumoto during his time there.


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