Jack Grealish Drink Driving : Jack Grealish Crashed his Range Rover in Waterside Birmingham

By | March 29, 2020


Jack Grealish telling people to stay at home then proceeds to go out drunk and crashes his car hahahahahahahaha.

keithy RamFlag of United Kingdom
anyone heard from jack grealish? came round mine for a few bevs last night an not heard from him since

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And that’s the reason Jack Grealish will never make it at the highest level. Drink driving and crashing into parked cars when the country is on lockdown Man shrugging.

Charl Poole

Lol imagine believing this Jack Grealish story exactly how it’s being portrayed. 10000% didn’t happen how they’re saying it’s happened surely Face with tears of joy. I’d put the house on it

isn’t pissed up in those photos, why the fuck is he wearing odd slippers?

Adam Ward
Jack Grealish been out on the drink during lockdown after he was pleading for people to stay at home.

Oh and just to top it off he attempted to drive home and crashed his Range Rover.

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