James Fetzer And Mike Palacek to Pay $450.000 Over Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.

By | September 10, 2021

James Fetzer And Mike Palacek to Pay $450.000 Over Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.

Jury in the U.S State of Wisconsin  has awarded a graving father 450.000 Dollars after he sued a man for defamation.

The father of a boy killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting has been awarded $450,000 by a jury in Wisconsin after he sued a conspiracy theorist who claimed the massacre never happened.

James Fetzer and co-author Mike Palacek , the two wrote a book titled  Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, the book was about the shooting in a Connecticut school that killed 26 people including a boy Named Noah whose father was awarded $450.000 dollars.

Leonard Pozner, whose six-year-old son Noah was among the 26 victims at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, sued James Fetzer and co-author Mike Palacek over their book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which claimed Noah’s death certificate is fake and Pozner lied about his son being dead.

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Julie Amos It was a False Flag people! In some cases people do die, in others they don’! What piqued my curiosity was the little blond girl sitting in Obama’s lap days later. She was the spitting image of a girl reportedly killed. Why was the father laughing behind a stage curtain before shedding tears to an audience? Why were FEMA tables set up with signs that read, register here? It is said that the school had already been closed down when this supposed event occurred. You don’t really think the Twin Towers collapsed due to fires, do you?

The Greater Phoenix Million Mom March
A former UMD professor has been told to pay damages to the father of a Sandy Hook victim over his absurd conspiracy theory that Sandy Hook never happened. These people have no idea the pain they have caused these parents.

Carlton Newman Sandy Hook School had been closed for years due to asbestos and other hazardous conditions. The School District could not and would not provide the records of a school’s daily operations when requested by FISA request because they did not exist. Jurys are often swayed by emotion rather than facts as in this case.

Marie Baker When they do a drill with the same exact events and scenario exactly 1 day before, it raises questions and makes people believe something is not right. That is why all those conspiracies about it exist.

Andrew Zapata People are nuts. They can have video proof and still say that they are all actors and it’s photoshop. People are too paranoid nowadays. Like our government will actually stage something like this . . Terrible

Judy Shellabarger Gosnell I hope anytime this happens from now on, there will continue to be huge awards to the parents…the authors of these ridiculous suits deserve to lose everything they own. The pain they have caused these parents is unforgivable.

Lauren Boland I bet this guys next book is how the earth  is flat. So sad he taught college and even more sad that children died being in the place they are supposed to feel safe.

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