Jennifer Board Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Jennifer Board has Died.

By John Okoro | February 7, 2021

Jennifer Board Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Jennifer Board has Died.

Death Notice for Today February 6. 2021

Jennifer Board has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on February 6. 2021.

Courier Mail  5h  · Police are investigating whether three people in a car tried to chase down a stolen Hyundai in Townsville resulting in the tragic death of Jennifer Board.

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David McMillan
So what happened last night in Townsville? Cars stolen and they’ve been seen full of youths joyriding and destroying other peoples property AGAIN! No respect or remorse for the what’s just happened, no respect for the loss of life, no respect for other people and their hard earned property. The public and the police are frustrated but vigilantes only add to the problem. No matter what age a crime is a crime. NO BAIL. Lock them up. There has to be consequences for their actions. Parents and guardians need to take responsibility to. Catch and release has not worked in fact it’s made it worse. This government needs to stand up and fix the monster they created. RIP young lady and condolences to your family. The whole system let you down. Such a tragic loss of an innocent life.

Neville Davies
Such a Tragic loss of life of a totally innocent young Woman.This could have been prevented if the Pissweak Govt were doing there job.The Smiling Assassin needs to GO,along with the Inept others responsible for this Tragedy.

Ashley Clarke
The ultimate responsibility rests with the State Government. This innocent young lady lost her life because several young people stole a car, and in all likelihood the “vigilantes” in the Statesman pursuing them figured that unless they did, the thieves would get away with it and their car would be found torched. Unfortunately their skill behind the wheel wasn’t up to the task, and they lost control after ramming the stolen Hyundai, hitting the poor girl as she rode her motorcycle. The direct blame lies with the “vigilante”, who drove recklessly and lost control of his car. But indirectly, the young thieves are also responsible, as if they hadn’t stolen the car the incident would not have occurred. And also indirectly the State Government is also responsible, as their lack of deterrent laws for juveniles allowed the thieves to believe they’d be let off easy even if they were caught. It’s a huge point of contention.
The blood is on the hands of the State Government, just as surely as it is on the hands of the young thieves and the vigilante who lost control of his car.

Susan Simons
Sadly, unless laws change, we are going to see more instances like this where people have taken matters into their own hands due to their inability to rely on the justice system

Lesley Henderson
while I do not condone the stealing of cars , the fact here is that vigilantes were chasing the stolen car & lost control causing them to hit the motor cycle & kill an innocent person. There should never be vigilantes taking the law into their own hands that is just cowboy stuff. So many cowboy vigilantes in this town. The police have enough to do without these vigilantes making things worse

Brad Woods
We need law and order not pass the buck again if u cannot fix the problem stand down let someone that can that’s like getting a bricklayer to do carpenters job easy people have had enough

Luke Kunza
How many more innocent people have to die before “our” premier does something, tell you what premier, if you are serious about serving your people that elected your party, have a referendum on youth crime and corporal punishment while you are at it, you may just be surprised what the general population think of your pathetic policies…
Enough is enough..

Kerry Ash
Maybe like so many communities in Queensland, it’s citizens have lost faith in the Queensalnd Police Service to do their job! Their standard Responce to youth crime appears to be, “there is nothing we can do”, that’s if they even send resources at all! QPS, your job is to put them before the courts, period. Do your job and stop trying to spin this youth crime wave encompassing our communities.

Christopher Hawley
If these idiots actually received a punishment. Everyday people would not have to be start taking justice into their own hands. Very sad loss, but our judges are to blame. Not these people trying to protect their assets that we all work so hard to have.

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