Jessica Doty Whitaker Death -Dead – Indiana White Mother Killed by BLM Mob.

By | July 12, 2020

Jessica Doty Whitaker Death -Dead – Indiana White Mother Killed by BLM Mob.

We regret to report that  Jessica Doty Whitaker  has passed away, according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today July 11, 2010.
An Indiana mother was fatally shot following an argument with a group of people over the Black Lives Matter movement, according to her family.
Jessica Doty Whitaker of Indianapolis was killed while walking with her fiance, Jose Ramirez, on July 5. The fatal shooting occurred after 3 a.m. local time when the couple encountered a group of four men and a woman with whom they got into an argument over the Black Lives Matter movement and its messaging.
Whitaker had said “All lives matter” in response to a comment on the Black Lives Matter movement, according to her family. Read full story from the Washington Examiner 

The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Pamela Schueler wrote Our sympathy & many prayers being said for Jessica’s family for ALL LIVES MATTER in our AMERICA. 

Christina Czymoch wrote 
Apparently it’s all very relative, perhaps we need to be asking if lives matter to the establishment at all and join together rather than to continuing to disregard the lives of one side versus the another depending on what label you have given yourself 

Mark Gorney wrote 
Whoever did this horrible thing needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law inserv life in prison and get served prison Justice. 

Ricky Moore wrote 
Destroys any good meaning that they think they stand for. Just domestic terrorist and should be treated as such. PERIOD. 

Melody Johnson wrote 
Blm are thugs period . Time to run them all in . RIP Young Mom God has you in his arms . He will take care of them . Peace and comfort to your family . 

Jose T Martinez wrote 
If this movement was Well intentioned at the beginning, now loss all credibility. Just a bunch of COWARDS that try to make PROFITS out of nothing. 

Debra Owen wrote 
and this can happen to anyone who blindly supports a ‘terrorist’ organization – needlessly putting themselves at serious risk… any ‘so called ‘peaceful’ protest can turn violent in less than a split second… how sad and how tragic. 

Tina Colburn wrote 
All this BS is beyond supporting Floyd! Im sure his family doesnt approve or support all this violence. 

Amber Lyn Marksbury wrote 
This world is SICK! So much hate, and no one seems to have respect for anyone’s lives anymore! Very very Disappointing!!. 

Michele Cochran Everwine wrote 
This is so disgraceful God must rest another soul attacked by a organized group that’s now completely flipped to pure evil and the devils works. That child’s Mom mattered. Now how does incident after incident the media outlets knows of and not reporting yet keeps justifying this group as peaceful protestors group? And the Mayors giving them a full on perpetual motion to keep the terrorizing in full tilt? Why? 

Jose T Martinez wrote 
This is really sad, if only black lives matter,what about the rest of the people? If black lives matter, start for respecting all others lives too. 

Judi Detrich wrote 
There are some in BLM who are just in it to do violent things. They make it so bad for the people who are in it to try to make a difference. 

Sheree Banks wrote 
So sad , all lives matter but apparently black lives are the only lives that matter ,  

Pat Wells wrote 
Why can’t all people realize that saying all lives matter includes everyone. Not just one race. Poor girl, lost her life for no reason. I hope someone protest for her . I also hope the rotten people who did this to her get punished to the fullest extent of the law. 

Kathy Williams wrote 
If they were really the upstanding organization they want everyone to think they are, BLM would be denouncing and cursing this horrible incident of evil.But that isnt happening.  

Dean Emery wrote 
Domestic Terror groups should be properly documented and listed. Instead of tax deductions, there must be criminal and civil penalties for individuals, groups and businesses that fund domestic terrorism.  

Marina Badalian wrote 
hopefully the shooter will not be held accountable, as Jessica Doty Whitaker had no constitutional right to assume “ all lives matter “  therefore killing her is not in any way a violation of First Amendment Rights right?  

Vicki Morrison wrote 
My sympathy and prayers to Jessica’s family, her partner Jose most especially her son, who will never know what a wonderful mom he had.How many children, no matter how old, have to die before this insanity stops? How many will die because they have different views? Why does there have to be the destruction of property? Why break into stores and steal? Who benefits from all of this, NO ONE! Stop the shooting, stop killing EVERYONE. Why can’t people just sit down and talk? I know why, it saves lives.  

Samantha Alyson wrote 
I don’t understand how violence fixes violence. It doesn’t. The black lives matter movement wants change and equality, so they say. Start by showing you want respect by giving it instead of tearing apart businesses, police and people who don’t believe what you believe in. Respect all opinions even if you don’t agree with it.

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Jessica Doty Whitaker Death -Dead – Indiana White Mother Killed by BLM Mob.

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