Jet Montgomery Death -Obituary – Dead : Jet Andrew Montgomery has Died .

By | December 17, 2020

Jet Montgomery Death -Obituary – Dead : Jet Andrew Montgomery has Died .

Jet Andrew Montgomery has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 17. 2020.

Darren Montgomery is with Karen Montgomery Hoell. 1 hr  · I want to thank everyone for the texts, calls and notes regarding the tragic accident that took the life of my nephew Jet Andrew Montgomery. Little Jet was in many ways like my brother Jason. Outgoing, friendly, dynamic. One story I always tell is that if me and my brother went on a job interview back to back… Jason would beat me out of the job every time. Jet was this way. Magnetic in personality, polite and friendly. It had been a year since I had seen Jet. He and a friend came over to check out the Tesla… Before that Tammi and I spent the day with him too many years ago fishing off the Gulf in Destin. Regardless of the time spent with Jet, I always kept up with him through my sister Karen Montgomery Hoell. Today, I have regret as I will never get to see how far in this world he would have gone. Jet like myself, my brother Jason and our late Uncle Waylen Montgomery loved to fly. I was standing in the yard mowing grass when I got the call that my Uncle was killed just after takeoff while flying an experimental airplane in Ft Worth. For me I should have been dead a couple of times. In the middle of the night over the Rio Hato Airfield in Panama we took way to much anti aircraft fire. Somehow we hobbled the old E model C-130 back to Howard AFB. It was weird. When it was happening I wasn’t scared. But I was terrified after the fact. Not long after the Gulf War I was PCS to Barksdale to begin flight training on the KC-10. About a month after that my entire flight crew from Pope was killed in an exercise when the C-130 they were flying crashed. I tell you this because I don’t understand. How I can be be alive after 54 years having fought two wars, flown a couple thousand hours in all sorts of private aircraft and I sit here all comfy by the fire and write this with a tear streaming down my cheek. It makes me just want to scream. Yesterday was awful. I was walking thought the living room when Tammi relayed the news through my sister. I had to sit down. Horror, then anger and now today just a feeling of loss, sadness and the empty hole in my heart of a child that all of us have lost. My brother and sister in law are heartbroken. I am just numb with the how senseless it all is. In the end our little Jet was just loving life, having fun, doing stuff we’ve all done. He just got a little to close… and just like that we are all changed forever. Godspeed Jet Andrew Montgomery.

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