Joe Nuzzo Death – Obituary News: Joe Nuzzo has died .

By | September 24, 2021

Joe Nuzzo Death – Obituary News: Joe Nuzzo has died .

We are sad to report that Joe Nuzzo  has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 23. 2021.

JR Hutson wrote.

A dear family friend passed early this morning. Joe Nuzzo was an “adventurer”…everything to Joe was an adventure, whether it was a boating trip to the Bahamas or riding out Hurricane Charlee in Port Charlotte. To say Joe has a lot of friends would be an under statement. I met Joe via another dear friend S Gary Lieberman in 1996. S Gary Lieberman knew I was a fan of Jimmy Buffett and he wanted to introduce me to an old friend of his, Joe Nuzzo. We walked into Suncoast Surf Shop and Joe was at the counter talking on the phone. After Joe hung up the phone Gary made the introductions. Gary also mentioned I was a Buffett fan. Joe immediately reached under the counter and pulled a hand full of pictures out of him and Buffett boating, fishing and drinking. From that point on we became great friends. We shared quite a few adventures over the years. Joe introduce me to some of his buddies who of course became my buddies too! My friends in Illinois would tease me about all of my “old” friends in Florida but, it did not bother me because, I knew once my northern family and friends met this group of “old” guys they would fall in love with them as I have. Joe was a great story teller but, his friends (Tom, Mike, Jose, John, Fred Bickley, and Roger) were even better. They all had great stories with one very similar character imbedded into the plot…Joe Nuzzo. All of these men had their own stories of their adventures with Joe Nuzzo. I wish I had the time and the story telling skills to share with you now but, an adventure with Joe usually entailed many twists and turns that had to be seen to believe! Well, at 5:40a.m., this morning Joe Nuzzo embarked on the ultimate adventure. Joe, your stories will sail on with your friends for many years to come. I love you buddy. Sail on Sailor.

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Ester Venouziou wrote 

Another big loss to our community.
Joe Nuzzo, who opened Suncoast Surf Shop in Treasure Island back in 1966, passed away this morning.
Joe originally planned to be an airplane mechanic, but he changed his mind when they sent him home to get a haircut, according to the Florida Surf Museum. Instead, he decided to open the first surf shop in the St Pete area. He started with $300, a few surfboards, 12 T-shirts, a bottle of red wine and some surfboard stickers.
The next five and a half decades, he spent riding the waves and growing a tremendous, community-focused business.
“It’s not easy being a small-business owner,” he said in a Tampa Bay Times article three years ago. “We’re an endangered species.”
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Lenny’s Surf Shop wrote
We here at the shop are mourning the loss of our friend Joe Nuzzo today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. For over 50 years Joe and Suncoast Surf Shop have been the epicenter of the West Florida Surf community. Long before us, Joe was already a surf legend here. I bought my first new surfboard from Joe over 30 years ago. I learned to surf at Sunset Beach as a kid because of Joe and his shop making surfing a thing here in the St. Petersburg area. His influence in the community brought ESA contests to Uphams in the 90’s. In this surfing community Joe was the MAN. He will be missed more than we can express.
The next time you paddle out please give a thought to our friend Joe, Aloha brother – Uncle Mike Trzinski & Lenny Stamos

Alexis McKenney wrote
Now that I’ve had a little time to digest the news about Joe Nuzzo, I want to offer a short tribute.
Like everyone posting is saying, Joe is indeed a beach legend. If you grew up out here you knew Joe. You also saved your nickels to shop at the Suncoast Surf Shop.
Unlike other stores, the surf shop helped shape our identifies. As beach kids we wanted to look like beach kids. I didn’t surf, but I spent a lot of time on the beach and water. I wanted to look the part.
When I got to St. Pete Catholic, they instituted a bizarre uniform policy. Girls had to wear either maroon or blue skirts. Shirts and shoes were up to us. So, what did a lot of us wear? The most obnoxious combination of Catholic school wear along with Hawaiian shirts and dockside shoes that we bought from Joe. Thanks to Joe, I got to dress the part and hang out at the coolest shop around. I was a beach kid.
October 21, 1979. My first concert and it was Jimmy Buffett. The class of 1980 took over the floor of the Bayfront center. Buffett had just released Volcano. As he changed the stage to look like a bar for the song Boat Drinks, out came Joe to sit there and play a bar patron. As we reminisced about that a few years ago he told me that Jimmy would call him whenever he was playing nearby and he’d go play an extra. He was living his best life.
Joe was friends with everyone. He built a business that is almost as legendary as he is. Every so often I go to the surf shop to shop and well, smell it. If you are a beach kid, you know. You know. Here’s to it standing for many years to come. Only now, the smell will also bring back memories of the man who helped define the look and beach swagger of generations of kids.
Rest in Paradise, Joe! .
It was fitting that the largest sun I have ever seen set was guiding me down Central Ave back to Treasure Island.

Melinda Goodall wrote

I’ve known Joe Nuzzo for more than 40 years and am Beyond Heartbroken with the news I received this morning. Words can’t express how much my heart breaks for Joe’s family and friends. Of all the fun memories, crazy events, paddle boarding ventures, Christmas Parties, Rubonia Mardi Gras Celebrations, Shell Island Parties, beach biking and roller blading to Suncoast Surf Shop since 13 years of age to buy my hot pink, lime green, & black Oakleys, bikinis, and Saint Christopher Pendants, Jonah’s B Day Parties, amongst MANY other memories, what I will remember most and have adored more than ANYTHING is what an AMAZING father he has been and will continue to be… because knowing how much love he has for Jonah he’s watching over him right now with Angels wings. Please keep Jonah and family in your prayers.


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