Johannes Gutenberg Death : Johannes Gutenberg Cause of death – How did Johannes Gutenberg die

By John Okoro | April 14, 2021

Johannes Gutenberg Death : Johannes Gutenberg Cause of death – How did Johannes Gutenberg die.

The Google Doodle for today is in honor of Johannes Gutenberg, who in the 15th century invented the movable type printing press. Find a nod to him in Disney World at Epcot’s Spaceship Earth attraction as you journey through some of history’s biggest moments.

Have you ever read a printed 📖 that wasn’t handwritten? Maybe you even own one or two of these printed books? If so, you…

Posted by German Consulate General Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Johannes Gutenberg Cause of death.

We understand you want to know Johannes Gutenberg  cause of death, but sorry we don’t have information on the cause of death at the time of this publication.
Reacting to the story Today Jen Goode wrote.
I begin the adventure of the first day of a new decade in my journey. I woke up thinking, by the end of this next year, I will be the same age my birthday twin was when I was born. It feels significant to me. His influence on my life has not only shaped who I am but continues to inspire me. I miss our shared celebrations. 49 years and 1 day. Here we go… I’m excited for the year ahead!
A few more thoughts to share for those that want to keep reading.
1. In my walk down Facebook memory lane, I was reminded of a writing I shared in 2009. It still feels relevant today with one exception… I no longer want to stop rediscovering myself. Instead I’d like to find peace and more appreciation in all that makes me, me and strive to continue to learn and grow. There’s so much in the world to experience and ponder!
2. The Google Doodle today features Johannes Gutenberg. No one is certain his actual birthday but I love that today he is being celebrated – the printing press was a significant achievement for not only books, learning, etc, but also the art world. It’s invention played an important role in the history of Graphic Design. Imagine the art world, even something as tiny as my own career, without it!
3. My daughter decorated my desk and made me a cake. There’s balloons above my head! I’m over here eating cake for a late breakfast. I hope you treat yourself too!
Last but certainly not least – Thank you Mom for providing me this opportunity and thank you Dad for joining the party to make it that much more fun. Source  Jen Goode

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