John Conway Death – Dead :  John Conway Obituary, Cause of Death COVID-19

By | April 12, 2020

John Conway Death – Dead :  John Conway Obituary, Cause of Death COVID-19

John Conway has died, according to a statement posted online on April. 11, 2020.

John Conway has died from COVID-19. He was a mathematician and a professor at both the University of Cambridge and Princeton University. He is especially known for the invention of the Game of Life, one of the early examples of a cellular automaton.

We learned of the deceased through the following tribute posted on social media., 

Cause of Death.



The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Remain Indoors
I cannot find independent corroboration that John Conway of Conway’s Life died of COVID. I usually check shit like that instead of blindly trusting Twitter. Do not only trust Twitter.

RIP John Conway. He was immensely creative and more than perhaps any other mathematician of his generation exemplified mathematics as a playful endeavor. Siobhan Roberts’s biography of him titled “A Mind at Play” is very much worth a read.

1/ It is with incredible sadness that I am posting that John Horton Conway has died of Coronavirus.

John Conway taught the very first class I attended at Princeton. It remains one of my life’s most profound educational experiences. I still remember that day in 2005 when I

Jon Strassfeld
2/ was among approximately 40 anxious freshman who showed up to Fine Hall, sat down, and waited… until about 5 minutes after class was supposed to started. Finally, as we questioned this seemingly inauspicious start to our collegiate education, a gregarious Brit wearing

Jon Strassfeld

3/ a T-Shirt burst into the room and began to address the class without explanation or ceremony. This set the tone for the semester. MAT 215 had no syllabus. We were only ever assigned two problem sets for homework. Conway would arrive in clothes that looked at least

Jon Strassfeld
4/ a decade old and abruptly begin to lecture: and by lecture, I mean he just started talking about something that interested him. Of course, his fancies were not the fare of a normal freshman analysis course. For instance, to introduce us to topology, he spent the class

Jon Strassfeld
5/ discussing Alexander’s horned spheres. We sat there, hanging onto his words for dear life, searching for a scrap of understanding as he took off into the mathematical stratosphere. His motto was “be crude elegantly” – find a boundary, an approximation, or a trick that

Jon Strassfeld
6/ dispelled superficial complexity. When we finally reached out last class, Conway broke from his usual pattern to provide a list of topics that would be covered on the final exam. As he listed them, they seemed basic –

Jon Strassfeld
7/ things we had to learn to have any hope of understanding his lectures. We had mastered the subject without realizing it.

Ave atque vale, John Conway. You will always be the image of genius in my mind.

Rafael Ruggiero
RIP John Conway. The mathematician who created the iconic “game of life” cellular automaton. He also proved that a generalized version of the Collatz conjecture is undecidable, a result that I personally find very interesting.

La Recherche
Nous apprenons avec tristesse le décès du génial John Conway, touche à tout des mathématiques, connu comme inventeur du jeu de la vie, aux contributions incroyables en théorie des groupes, des noeud, des nombres… Le Covid-19 a emporté un magicien des maths.

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