John Mulaney drugs recovery and got Olivia Munn Pregnant -How far along

By | September 10, 2021

John Mulaney went to rehab, got divorced, went on tour, started dating Olivia Munn, and got her pregnant all in 9 months…

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are expecting their first child. The comedian revealed the news during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Mulaney and Munn began dating after he checked out of rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse. “She got to date me right out of recovery, which is what they call a reverse catch,” Mulaney joked. “And that’s been very incredible. And she’s kind of held my hand through that hell. And we’re having a baby together.”
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“I got into this relationship that’s been really beautiful with someone incredible who has dealt with the non-coked-up Bambi version of me and that’s been very incredible,” Mulaney said. “She’s kind of held my hand through that hell and we are having a baby together.”

Saying that the baby “saved him from himself” is a really unhealthy mindset for someone so fresh out of rehab and a divorce.
Hopefully he is actually doing well and Olivia Munn is able to give him the support he needs.

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The biggest question I have is how Olivia Munn got invited to Seth Meyers wedding. She’s always seemed like a Pick Me girl to me. If John had already relapsed his marriage was probably over before rehab. He probably got her pregnant pretty early on considering the timeline. If he’s happy and healthy then good for him. If his ex wife is better off without him then good for her.

How many men (okay people really. It happens in reverse too) are going to let their significant other con then into a child they don’t want? Mike Birbiglia too. As a person that doesn’t want children and refuses to let anyone convince me otherwise, it’s so frustrating!

These comments tho! I hope all you have have NEVER made a mistake or dealt with a loved one suffering through addiction…it’s a disease.
No one left anyone hanging dry. He had filed for divorce way before his rehab and met Olivia afterwards. I’m not even a big fan of his but saw a recent interview he did on Seth Meyers.
People preach about why troubled individuals can’t get their life together and when they attempt to, they’re met with all this hatred? Must feel awesome to bring someone down to rise yourself up!

The comments here are the WORST. Didn’t it occur to anyone that maybe his wife had drug problems too? Or maybe she wasn’t supportive or conducive to his sobriety? My point is you never know what someone is going through but you’re all so quick to judge.

I wish them luck. I don’t understand why so many people are angry at him. He was unhappy in his marriage and he left. We don’t know all of the details. People are painting a narrative of someone who broke his ex wife’s heart, but at the end of the day, we don’t know the whole story and it isn’t really our business. Hopefully the both of them ending up being happier in the long run. Maybe he was at fault. Maybe she was at fault. Maybe both/neither are at fault. Relationships are complicated. Don’t get me wrong. Moving this fast? Could not be me and it is a bit concerning. But at the end of the day, we should stop assuming that he is some awful person because he divorced his wife and moved on.

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