Jorge Ramos Muete Death -Obituary – Dead : Jorge Ramos has Died .

By | December 19, 2020

Jorge Ramos Muete Death -Obituary – Dead : Jorge Ramos has Died .

Jorge Ramos has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 19. 2020.

Jorge Ramos hosted a watch party. 21 hrs  · The Soria family has lost six of its members to Covid-19. Their story represents both the challenges and the resilience that has defined 2020.

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Jorge Ramos
El Paso, which is still healing from the 2019 Walmart shooting, has become a Covid hotspot.

Delores Andrade
Prayers and hugs for this family! I am so sorry for your loss!May God give you peace!

Diana Miranda wrote
I feel for all the family’s with COVID I’m also a health care worker.ive seen it with my own eyes it’s really really sad that they die alone . prayers to everyone.stay safe .stay social distance.wear a mask 😷 etc

Alejandro Perez wrote
My Father lost the battle against Covid on Mothers Day, and till this day I still feel bad that I could not go see him and say goodbye.

Ad Ram Net wrote
At my facility we had encountered the virus and that crap move fast, but having covid-19 in house allowed me to be aware of this issue and pay attention to everything that I touch. One thing I can tell you for sure people are getting it through the ey… See More

Pepino Guzman wrote
That’s why China has to pay old the die around the world

Diana Heuze wrote
Thats right, a lot of families have disappeared because the virus

Alonzo Rasconrascon wrote
Vete al escusado Ramos you have to go to in toilet Ramos

Jorge Ramos wrote ·
Here’s the documentary Hate Rising that aired before the 2016. election. It was a warning of what was coming to us with Trump.
But few were listening.

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