Josh Addis Death -Obituary – Dead : Josh Addis has Died .

By | December 13, 2020

Josh Addis Death -Obituary – Dead : Josh Addis has Died .

Josh Addis has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 12. 2020.

Lake Rabun Hotel 7 hrs  · IN MEMORIAM JOSH ADDIS General Manager Lake Rabun Hotel & Restaurant My thoughts and my heart are with Josh Addis. Twelve years ago, it was my good fortune that he walked into the Lake Rabun Hotel and into my life. He “modestly” told me he could handle my whole dining room all by himself. James Beard Chef, Louis Osteen, was with me for the interview and thought Josh was way too overconfident. He advised me not to hire him – “he’s a know it all, hard to train.” On the other hand, I admired his gumption and there was a certain splash of light in his face and a sense of promise in his belief that he could do whatever was required of him. I hired him, of course, and what a blessing he has been to me and to all the people he has worked with and served at the Lake Rabun Hotel & Restaurant. Josh was not hard to train. He was very, very smart and had a curious mind. He loved to learn new things. He relished challenges. Most of all he loved people and he loved making them happy. I don’t think he ever met a stranger. He made everyone feel that they were important and very special. Josh gave of himself openly with love and laughter. He was such a good human being and showed us what goodness looked like and felt like. He cared, really cared and did whatever he could to make things better for those in need. He was the best of us. As the owner of the Lake Rabun Hotel & Restaurant Josh was my partner growing the hotel and restaurant into what it is today. He was the face and he was the soul of it He loved it as do I, and he used it as his platform to share and spread the love he, the Rabun County boy, had for these mountains, rivers and lakes, waterfalls, farms, vineyards and forests. He was a devoted, native son. Last Wednesday, Josh took his own life. Why? It’s such a natural question. Why, considering all that I’ve described about him. What happened that made him decide to do that? Obviously, something so overwhelming for him that he felt he had no alternative. I don’t know what was in his mind. Do we always know what’s deeply hidden in the minds of the people we know and love? For Josh and his family, there are things that may never be shared with others. I ask of you, let them and let us at the Lake Rabun Hotel & Restaurant, his other family, grieve and deal with his passing in private. Let us remember him and all the gifts he gave us. Let us celebrate him and his life of joyfulness- fun and bluegrass music, singing and buck dancing, trout fishing and hiking and, most of all, loving his family, friends, and the people of Rabun County where he planted his heart. We love you, Josh, and always will. We will carry on your legacy. Gwen North

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