Joyce Milsap Death – Obituary News : Joyce Milsap, Ronnie Milsap has died .

By | September 10, 2021

Joyce Milsap Death – Obituary News : Joyce Milsap, Ronnie Milsap has died .

We are sad to report that Joyce Milsap, Ronnie Milsap wife  has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 6. 2021.

The Milsap Fan Blog Fan Page wrote

I am going to start out by saying that I had never had the pleasure of actually meeting or talking to Joyce in person. So what I know of her is that she and Ronnie are like peas and carrots and that she was an incredible, sweet, loving, talented, intelligent, and beautiful person inside and out. Ronnie had once said he didn’t have to see her to know she’s beautiful. I know that she and Ronnie have a strong bond that has survived show business for something in the neighborhood of 56 years. He credits her with just about every aspect of his career, from helping him choose songs, to valuing her opinion of songs and album cuts highly, to great benefit to him. She worked as his roadie, his driver (packing him and all their gear into her VW) and making sure he got to shows. He has always gotten her utmost support in everythng he has done to date. I cannot even begin to fathom how he is feeling right now, but I am pretty certain he’s hurting bad. My heart breaks for him and everyone around him. Since my phone and inbox have been filling all morning let me please address some things, since a few of you have asked: I do not know how this is going to affect his tour dates just yet. If I were to guess, expect news of a few postponements and cancellations. Jamie has always been excellent about posting schedule changes for whatever reasons changes are made when he gets them so I am going to follow Jamie’s lead on that and post accordingly. Just let me stress though that Ronnie has to be let grieve in his own way and in his own time frame. He will do what he does when he is ready. Those who asked what they can do for him? I do not know outside of two things: First: Pray for him, and continue loving and supporting him and those around him. If you are part of his inner circle, please keep encouraging him and loving him. Just give them all time and space and their privacy at this time. They all have a lot to work through. He has a wonderful support system. The second: as fans just listen to his music and listen to it deeply and remember how inspirational she was to each piece of music you are hearing. Others have asked me where to send flowers, cards, etc. That I do not know but IF I am made privy to this information and it becomes OK to post then it will be here. Otherwise please follow what I said in the two paragraphs above this one: prayers, support, and continuing to listen to his music in her honor. I am speaking to other fanpage admins about combined efforts so please be patient. Anyway I hope this made sense. My brain is going about five hundred directions today. I just hope Ronnie knows how much we all love and care for him. 3535 8 Comments 4 Shares Like Comment Share

Source: (20+) The Milsap Fan Blog – Posts | Facebook

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Troy Schartiger wrote 

Keep the late Earl Thomas Conley’s RCA Label Mate Ronnie Milsap in prayer. Ronnie Milsap lost his wife Joyce Milsap today.
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The Milsap Fan Blog wrote 

Since it’s now been made official by people close to Ronnie, I am posting the extremely sad news that Ronnie’s beloved companion and wife Joyce has passed away.
Please keep Ronnie, his grandkids, great granddaughters, and everyone else who was close to them in your prayers.
I grieve with thee and I am so very, very sorry for your loss.
ETA please also respect the Milsap family’s privacy at this difficult time. Just pray for all of them.



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