Karen Kolb Sehlke Death – Dead :  Karen Kolb Sehlke Obituary, Cause of Death CoronaVirus.

By | April 7, 2020

Karen Kolb Sehlke Death – Dead :  Karen Kolb Sehlke Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Karen Kolb Sehlke has died, according to a statement posted online on April. 4, 2020.

A Texas woman who mocked the ongoing COVID-19 health threat as a “hoax” on social media has died of the virus.

As Twitter user @sunnmcheaux posted, on March 14th Karen Kolb Sehlke shared a lengthy coronavirus “hoax” rant on her Facebook. On April 2, her family launched a GoFundMe campaign to pay for her medical and funeral costs.

We learned of the deceased through the following tribute posted on social media., 


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

David Mace

, I’m seeing your retweets of a story about Karen Kolb Sehlke of Texas who allegedly died Thu. 040220 of coronavirus after denouncing it as a hoax. But is this story actually the hoax? No obit. #karenkolbsehlke #IsKarenReal


Karen Kolb Sehlke’s family should be able to sue

for disseminating false information about the coronavirus and characterized warnings about the virus as a politically motivated hoax.

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Randi Mayem Singer
Magas: An American Tragedy in two acts.





Look up Karen Kolb Sehlke. These are the people dying from coronavirus bc they listen to Fox News and Trump, neither of whom would know the fucking truth if it spit on them
Gerren Peterson
This story truly is sad. Karen Kolb Sehlke trusted Trump so much that she genuinely believed him when he said Covid19 was a hoax & media driven. I’m sad for her family but also for her bc she/we should be able to trust info out of the WH & relying on it shouldn’t kill her/us.





Colton Hanson It’s Illinois. We’re used to our politicians letting us down. The sky is also blue

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Bob Flynn Spent 30 years in government service. One thing that was engrained in the culture was to find out what your needs were and then ask for 2-3 times that amount. Many politicians grew up in that mentality. Trump, who is not a politician, did not. Henderson the conflict.
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Julie Keller Illinois is STUCK with incompetence and a Governor who believes he is the answer to everything . He has done nothing but drive this state farther into debt handing out money like he’s printing it in his basement! He is a shameful excuse for a man

Frederick Fayne Boette Jr Well as long as we’re making things clear, trump is a garbage can who can’t unite a few simple sentences together much less a nation. Prove me wrong.

Jens M Lindtner While being busy telling It’s under control, We’ll be fine, it will magically disappear, we will soon have 0 infected, its milder than the seasonal flu, we are the best prepared country in the world and all his other lies, Trump delayed and wasted prec…See More
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Rona Pierce I’ve family who live in IL and suffer under poor/bad leadership. Pritzker is a one of a long line of bad Governors. He and the Dems in the IL Congress have done nothing but institute new taxes or raise current one. A lot of people have moved out of the state because of what the Gov and Congress have done to the state.

Paul Russell I just want my unemployment! The enhanced unemployment is not going through in Oregon! Been off work for three weeks and only received $574…

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Todd East No more stimulus! The number of cases are dropping. Put people back to work in low burden areas. Keep the high risk demographic quarantined.

Clare Dart He just bought a hospital in Springfield il where there are two big hospitals already, both are empty enough to where they are cutting nurses hours . He said it’s for covid19 we have 30-something cases … is he planning to bring overflow from Chicago downstate ? No one knows and he isn’t talking about it.

Corry Sandlin None of what was passed has been implemented. People will not get their promised aid for weeks.
The federal government will waste most of the $$$ with incompetence. The Kennedy Center probably has their 25m.
Wait and see what will be required.
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Angel Romero Mr. President, God bless you and your family and those that are working with you for america. Mr President, one why to reopen the country, could be: send memo all the autorities in the nation, alawing the small bussyness to reopen their they show the certificate all employees and emploeri got cvi9, test and all of them are vius negative, Keep face mask protection except in the house.
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Ann Sullins –Ken Sullins– For the homeless veterans , other homeless and people without direct deposit , four months is not an acceptable time to wait on the checks .Future packages should be porkless nothing but to help those intended , or no checks ,and hold those [ nancy ] responsible at the electio

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  1. Mike

    The cause of death was cocid-19. Her family is keeping it a secret because she posted that covis-19 was a media driven hoax. Karma comes back and bites her in her ass.

  2. Bridget

    If cross stitching could kill you as this kook claims, I would have died as a teenager!


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