Katelyn “Kat” Restin Death : Virginia Teen Dies After Summoning Papa Legba

By | November 9, 2020

Katelyn “Kat” Restin Death : Virginia Teen Dies After Summoning Papa Legba.

Folks shouldn’t play with things they don’t understand. And, just because you’ve got eumelanin, doesn’t mean you’re connected. You better know if you’re of the Children of Blood and Fire…

19-year-old Katelyn “Kat” Restin was found dead after she allegedly drowned in a bathtub, according to posts on social media from her friends.

Restin’s unexpected death came just two days after she claimed to have seen Papa Legba apparently after a summoning spell people warned her not to try.


Reacting to the story Chwistopher @Loudwindow wrote 

suddenly remembered this was the year a white girl tried to hex a black girl by summoning papa legba but she accidentally summoned baron and the white girl was haunted to death within a week.

Maldoree “Waitin And Procrastinatin” wrote 
Oh yeah I remember. Not only that but the black girl was her ex and ALL of witchcraft twitter was pulling at their neckties gulping.

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Mhurgle (Zappa d’Killa-Kloon) wrote 
Some people (me) in the Chaos Magick community was
lmao-ing though because of all the sort of Ways and Paths you could take to exert esoteric Power.
She went for the “srs bsns” one, with zero training, with all the disregard and because of that, she paid the price with her life.

Mhurgle (Zappa d’Killa-Kloon) wrote 
To be honest, she should’ve just done Chaos Magick like any fast-and-loose practioneer would use for some quick-and-easy mysticism.
There’s so many Ways and Paths in that Sphere, that’s “works“.

Doing Vodou though?
Gotta have some real iron in you for that.

Mhurgle (Zappa d’Killa-Kloon) wrote 
Hex someone using high level Vodou.
For petty reasons.
With little experience.
With disregard of the cost.

Rose (Team Sugar!) wrote 
Can someone explain this to me im a non-witch.

Mhurgle (Zappa d’Killa-Kloon) wrote 
You ask the bank for a big loan of money,
but you try to lie to them that you got security for reimbursements.
They find out.
They say no.

You go to a loanshark.
That person says yes.
That person realize you cannot pay it back.
That person “deals“ with that problem.
You die.

A Big Day for Grimley wrote 
She died after practicing voodoo so people are saying it’s from the voodoo going wrong

CuriousDidMeIn wrote 
See, that’s why folks shouldn’t mess around with something they don’t understand

Zagreus stan @eyyitsfranklin wrote 
You cant drop this without at least another tweet elaborating

Heavy Meltan Lover wrote 
Theres a reason why some people should stay within their limits… also I saw this in the replies but, how do you not put together the fact that sending a spirit (that wasnt even the right one) that protects Black People to attack a black person is not a good idea?

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