Keith Sugden Death -Obituary – Dead : Keith Sugden has Died from Covid-19 .

By John Okoro | December 12, 2020

Keith Sugden Death -Obituary – Dead : Keith Sugden has Died from Covid-19 .

Keith Sugden has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 11. 2020.

Maria Sharp Hoffman wrote · Terribly sad day today. Just found out that a former co-worker of mine, Keith Sugden, passed away on my birthday. Worked with him on the door when I was going through chemo. Always singing and happy. Saw that he was in the hospital last month with Covid, you know, that disease that so many ignorant people say doesn’t exist. Will miss him. My sincere condolences to his family. RIP Keith. 2525 5 Comments Like Comment Share

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Nana wrote
Thought the same thing when I saw the story of the Walmart Greeter Keith Sugden who died from it on
@AC360 tonight.

A concerned ER RN wrote
Keith Sugden #KeithSugden was an #EssentialWorker . RIP KEITH! Thank you for your service!

Spinnersend77 wrote
Heartbroken about Keith Sugden dying! Didn’t know him personally but he won my heart during that interview. A sweet man lost way too soon. #cnn

Relieved Resistor wrote
Keith Sugden died of COVID. You don’t have to know him…But his story made a big impact on me from an
@AC360 story. He reminded me of my dad; he died because others can’t be bothered to wear masks, because it, “Infringes upon ma free-dumb.”

Fuck…all, y’all not wearing masks.

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