Kelly Price Dead – Death – Obituary – Missing News. See what happened.

By | September 25, 2021

Kelly Price Dead – Death – Obituary – Missing News.

The story circulating on social media that Kelly Price is dead or missing is nothing but a hoax, according to a statement released by her representative today September 24. 2021.

UPDATE: Gospel singer Kelly Price is NOT missing and is safe, at least according to her attorney. #TMZ
Sending Prayers To The Family & For Her Safe Return. Legendary singer, #KellyPrice, has gone missing in Georgia. She is currently listed as missing with the National Crime Information Center and her family is seeking information about her whereabouts.
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Is this an Obituary or Death Notice ?

This post can not in anyway serve as an obituary or death notice for the above mentioned individual .
This post will be updated as soon as we have more information and appropriate authorization from the family to publish the cause of death.

This is Not an Obituary

Again this post can not in anyway serve as an obituary or death notice for the above mentioned individual .


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Death & Obituary

Death & Obituary

 Anita F. Dye wrote
I hope to see you turns out she’s a wonderful person in the Lord and she is a wonderful singer please let her turn up I hope it’s not true about what I just saw that she’s missing please let up turn up in Jesus name

Ama Hie
Father, the Almighty GOD you know all things. Please send Kelly back home to her family safely in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Jaylon Braxton wrote
I hope and pray she’s safe and sound wherever she at God’s not going to attack her is seeing dark cloud right now God is going to find her in Jesus name

Candance Foreman wrote
I simply cannot believe this story however if it is in fact true I’m praying for a safe return

Tasha Kennedy wrote
Praying she’s ok I’m reading her boyfriend isn’t allowing family and friends to the home.

Ruth Greene wrote
Praying for her safety and her return without any harm your family is worried and friends i hope they bring her back home safe

Priscilla Kornegay wrote
I was just listening to one of her songs lord what in the world is going on???

William Wright wrote
Praying that Kelly Price is safe and she be able to return to family, friends there in Georgia.

Linda Vancleave
I spray that she will be found safe and unharmed and returned back home to her parents.

Pamela Jones wrote
People are not paying attention the Bible clearly States history repeats itself Ecclesiastes 3:15

Adele Tennyson wrote
She was suppose to perform in New Orleans in August,however had Covid…Pray she is ok.

Joanna Bali wrote
My prayers is with her family and that she make it back home and May God keep his hands on her and for a safe return home .

Lashone Willis Baro wrote
Praying this isn’t true but if it is We’re praying for a safe return to her family

Jessie Mims Houston wrote
Praying that this lady is found healthy and return home  to her family and friends.

Martha Ross wrote
Praying for my girl Kelly Price, please Lord let her return home safe to her family and friends and fans

Toni Wilson
Lord please let her return safe and unharmed. Let her just be away getting a little R & R! In Jesus name I claim her safe return. AMEN

Margie Mitchell wrote
Wow hope she is found without any hurt harm or danger in Jesus name Amen I know it was a taped show but I just saw her on DA brat and Judy show last night she made an appearance .

Betty Parks
Praying for a safe return, it’s probably a miscommunication somewhere.

Marcus Popyon wrote
Prayers to her family I hope they find her soon and that she is safe. 🙏. Hopefully it is just a miscommunication and that’s all. Keep those cell phones charged up just in case . I hope they can locate her cell phone .

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