Kelsey Berreth Death / Murder Trial : Krystal Lee Plead Guilty Evidence Tampering.

By admin | November 8, 2019

CRIME – (MARKET NEWS) : A lady who was having an extramarital affair with a man charged in the beating to death of his fiancee said Thursday she helped tidy up the deceased bloody before Patrick Frazee burned the body.

The woman who was identified as Krystal Lee testified for a second day in the trial of of suspected murderer Patrick Frazee, who has denied killing Kelsey Berreth at her townhome in Woodland Park.

The deceased Kelsey Berreth was most recently seen about a year back close to her home, and no indication or sign of her body has been found ever since she disappeared.

Lee, who functioned as a medical caretaker in Idaho, said she got a few blood-scattered things from Berreth’s home to be burned, including a squishy toy, baby’s structure squares and what she thought was a Bible, as per the Colorado Springs Gazette report. She likewise testified that Frazee and Berreth’s  little child was in the the house when the blindfolded mother was pummeled to death with a baseball bat.

Kelsey Berreth Death / Murder Trial : Krystal Lee Plead Guilty Evidence Tampering.

Examiners showed members of the jury a video of Lee driving specialists to the spot where Frazee purportedly burned Berreth’s body.

Standing in a clear patch of Frazee’s central Colorado ranch, surrounded by pine trees, Lee described Frazee putting the body in a dry water trough and lighting it on fire. At one point, she said, flames were as high as the nearby trees, so Frazee covered the blaze with what appeared to be metal roofing.

Lee entered an agreement with prosecutors and pleaded guilty in February to evidence tampering, confessing that she took Berreth’s telephone to Idaho at Frazee’s request to make it look like Berreth had left the state.

Defense lawyer Adam Steigerwald seized on that confession and over and over inquired as to whether she knew that she could be facing life in jail in the event that she didn’t acknowledge it and coordinate with investigators. He likewise questioned whether she has been completely honest during her 10 hours of testimony.

Prosecutors have not offered a motive for Frazee to kill Berreth, but her parents argue in a wrongful death lawsuit that they believe he wanted full custody of the couple’s daughter.

Frazee would be condemned to life in jail without the chance for further appeal in the event that he is indicted for first-degree murder.


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