Ken Suzuki Death – Dead :  Ken Suzuki Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

By John Okoro | April 7, 2020

Ken Suzuki Death – Dead :  Ken Suzuki Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Ken Suzuki has died, according to a statement posted online on April. 6, 2020.

We learned of the deceased through the following tribute posted on social media.,

Dylan Palmer wrote 

Going through hard drives today and found a radical sequence of Ken Suzuki, another good soul gone way too soon, may he rest in peace. Sequence taken at the Wedge back in 2016, April 1. @ken_ergy always on the psycho ones🙌🏼🙏🏼
@ California

Image may contain: ocean, water, sky, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: ocean, water, sky, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: ocean, water, sky, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: water, ocean, sky, outdoor and nature

Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on of caused death . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased


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     I can’t imagine any other man who would be able to be under constant scrutiny by those who take pleasure in pointing out the fact that just like you and me he is but a man. He most definitely has a high opinion of himself. Heavy is the head that carries the weight of the lives of so many . He is a Good Man who truly believes that America is Great and with another 4 years he’s going to make sure it stays that way!.
  • The people responsible for any failures during this time are county, city and state officials, not the President. President Trump has done a good job picking up the slack from states. Republican, democrat, it doesnt matter. Isnt it up to local hospitals to bring to the attention of local officials what they need? Then the local officials go to the state reps and so on? If not, what exactly are state legislators for? What are governors for? How is the federal gov supposed to know what local hospitals need? Quit blaming the President. He has done a good job.
    The difference from the Last Great Recession to this disaster. Is Trump is focused on the People, Small business and keeping the economic engine at idle so when this is over it is full steam ahead.

    our past presidents focused on the “To Big to fail” and corporate bailouts. Rather then the people.

    Still scouring the constitution for the clause that’s says ‘the President shall make sure all local hospitals in the country have enough supplies for whatever may happen.. But politics aside, how exactly is anyone, politician or doctor supposed to develop, get approved, manufacture and distribute enough ‘test kits’ to test everyone in a country of 330,000,000 people for a virus that just a few months ago no one knew existed?

    I have been reading a lot of posts. I came to a conclusion the reason why there is so much negativity towards the president cause there is a hell of a lot young brats living at mommy and daddy’s home now. They can’t go out .
     I listened to that interview. The interviewer was beyond unprofessional and foolish. The media should be ashamed of it. Now cue the bottom feeding trolls that will defend awful journalists and reporters like that.
    o be honest , I despise most of the news media including fox. While you are one of the few I watch, I tire of the America hating so called journalists you put on . I usually turn You off or turn the station . Do you really think we want to listen to these jerks ?
    Trump needs to say stop saying that Hydroxychloroquine can’t hurt you. He doesn’t know that but yet he keeps saying that it can’t hurt you it can only help you. A reporter tried to ask Dr Fauci about Hydroxychloroquine and Trump cut him off and would not let him answer. I want to hear from the experts not some reality TV star who thinks he knows everything!

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