Kendra Hatcher Death -Dead-Obituaries : Kendra Hatcher Murder is the subject of Friday’s Dateline on NBC.

By John Okoro | November 14, 2020

Kendra Hatcher Death –Dead-Obituaries : Kendra Hatcher Murder is the subject of Friday’s Dateline on NBC.

A Dallas, Tex. pediatric dentist and 1998 Pleasant Plains (Ill.) High School graduate, Kendra Hatcher, who was murdered in 2015, is the subject of Friday’s Dateline on NBC, according to a statement posted online on November 13.  2020.
Tonight on “Dateline,” when pediatric dentist Kendra Hatcher is found dead, police uncover a complex plot as the suspect leads investigators on an international manhunt and is placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

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The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

товарищ wrote 
So I used to share an apartment with a girl. She was obsessed over some guy she was with for a short time. My understanding was that it was a ‘friends with benefits’ situation that moved on further for her, but not for him. She wanted to date, but he didn’t.

She had befriended all of his friends on facebook and would find out where they would go out for drinks, and then she’d turn up there herself. Given that she had forced her way into their social group, it was kind of OK for her to join them. She’d sit across from the guy and glare at him for the entire night. She told me frequently how she would turn up just to make him feel awkward. She said that he deserved it for breaking her heart.

Her room was full of paintings and drawings of him. She’d draw him with deformities (no idea why). I’d listen and give her some advice and generally suggest that she get over it. She’d always respond with, “I know…but I love him.”
She once told me about how she wanted to cut him with a knife and slide small shards of glass under his skin. She wanted to do it so that he would always feel pain and would always think of her. Then he would know how much he had made her suffer by not dating her.

One day she became violent towards me over something that wasn’t my fault.. Sure, I’m a guy – but I don’t see why I should be OK with being punched in the face by a crazy girl. She knew I’d never hit her back, because if I did, she’d end up in hospital and I’d end up in jail. So I just got the hell out of there. The following week I moved out without telling her and never spoke to her again.
Anyway, this story reminded me of her and I look forward to seeing her end up on your channel one day.

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