Ketchy The Great Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Ketchy The Great has Died .

By John Okoro | February 16, 2021

Ketchy The Great Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Ketchy The Great has Died .


 Death Notice for Today February 15. 2021.

Ketchy The Great has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on February 15. 2021.

We do not know the cause of death at the moment.

Thizzler On The Roof @TheThizzler Rest In Peace @KetchyTheGreat We’re sad to learn about Stinc Team member #KetchyTheGreat passing away today. We send our condolences to his loved ones & fans.


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The Monsoon Roastery

“I wouldn’t do anything for a Klondike Bar, but I’d do some pretty sketchy stuff for some coffee.” .
What’s something sketchy you’d do or have done for coffee? Top three Sketchiest answers will win a monsoon beanie, designed by the great @Nate Duval! Three runners up will win a coffee drink for them and a friend.
May the odds be forever in your favor …

Savanah Rachelle
They decriminalized certain racy professions in CT and I’m not above finding a corner for some coffee.

Liz Griffin Cox
I also abandoned my group of friends on a girls weekend in Florida when we found ourselves staying at an old person resort that didn’t have coffee in the lobby til 8. WTF?! EIGHT?! I had drunk all the k-cups in room by 630, so took off in search of a coffee shop. Btw, Sarasota needs to step up its game with coffee shops that open early, anyways, I forgot my phone in the room and was unreachable for a while… came back to find my two friends in a panic because I was “missing”. Thankfully the guy at the front desk remembered the “grumpy lady who didn’t want to wait” and they figured out what happened .

Braeden Dion
I used to work night shift at my job. We have one of those restaurant style coffee makers and we rotated two stainless carafes. We had only a couple bags of coffee left, so I brewed a pot and hid it in the oven. I had warm coffee for hours. Just couldn’t let anyone see me fill my mug!

Nina Smolarz King
I have definitely paid for iced coffee with change I’ve found in my car…and have definitely also used the kids “allowance” for my “coffee habit”.

Stephanie Vazquez
There was this one time I was staying at a little Connecticut inn. There was a massive snow fall and the inn has recently opened so this was their first time handling so much snow that the plows hadn’t come by yet so there was no way in or out for a while. I made my way down to the kitchen to try to get some coffee and was informed that there was no coffee on the premises since their coffee shipment was late due to the snow. I started chatting with the owner and then began helping her clear the dinning room since there was nothing else left. Then I find myself pouring all the guests leftover over coffee slowly and discreetly into a separate mug until the chef comes out and is like “ahhh please tell me you’re not doing what I think you’re doing” and I respond with “what? I’m just cleaning up” and the chef then says “you were pouring leftover coffee from other people’s cups into your own cup, and now you’re gonna drink it!” To which my ultimate response was “Don’t you understand if I don’t get coffee in me, things are going to get ugly!” She then playfully takes the mug away from me and states “I’m ashamed of you,” to which I respond “I’m ashamed of me, too.” *End scene* #GG.


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