Kevin Cooper Death Row : Who is Kevin Cooper on 48 hours – Is he still alive or in Jail?

By | July 25, 2021

Kevin Cooper Death Row : Who is Kevin Cooper on 48 hours – Is he still alive or in Jail?

A CBS News producer shares her eye-opening experience meeting a death row inmate for the first time.

“48 Hours” has the latest on Kevin Cooper’s battle for his freedom in “The Troubling Case of Kevin Cooper” airing today, Saturday, July 24 at 9/8c on CBS. 

As a “48 Hours” producer, I have met and interviewed convicted felons. I had never met a death row inmate — until I visited Kevin Cooper at San Quentin Prison. ABC reporter wrote .


Kevin Cooper is an American prisoner currently on death row at San Quentin Prison. Cooper was convicted of four murders that occurred in the Chino Hills area of California in 1983. Wikipedia

BornJanuary 8, 1958 (age 63 years), Pittsburgh, PA
Conviction(s)Convicted on all four counts
Criminal chargeFour counts of murder

The Case Against Kevin Coper

Kevin Cooper awaits death in his San Quentin prison cell, as he has during the 36 years since he heard the ultimate punishment pronounced in a San Diego County courtroom. He has always protested his innocence since being arrested for the horrific murders of four people in 1983. His appeal for clemency was answered by Governor Gavin Newsom a month ago, spurred in part by the footwork of Tom Parker, the former assistant agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles office who retired to Santa Barbara and is convinced of Cooper’s innocence. Read full story from

Comments and Reactions.


Greg Berry wrote
It’s sad to me that people like you can get to the position you are in doing the things you do. Your arrogant support of the Kevin Cooper conviction should be an embarrassment to you. You’re everything that is wrong with our justice system. You make me sick!

Scott Troehler wrote
Spent the whole hour watching the Kevin Cooper story on
@48hours, then with six minutes left, affiliate cuts away for weather. Ugh.


John Connors wrote
Very dishonest to say he changed his story. When he was interviewed he was in the hospital with his throat slashed, hatchet Mark’s in his head and other injuries, his family and friend murdered in front of him and hes 8. This was the worst time to talk to him. They tried to speak to him, at a terrible time. His testimony evidence was got after this

Nancy Beveridge Taylor wrote
I worked in maximum security, not every prisoner is guilty. Especially if they are African American. I am a white person, I’ve seen that Black, Hispanic, and poor, people serve longer, harsher sentences and get the death penalty and are unjustly accused and convicted for crimes that white men get away with all the time. and Rich White Men get away with everything.

Kent Vene wrote
I don’t think he did it I think they tampered with the damn sample. And I’m pro death penalty but this case just shows that you can’t just blindly follow the state and trust that employees of the state are going to always have integrity and do the right thing. He fit the bill for someone so that they can close this case and wash their hands of it. If it came out that he was innocent it would have looked awful for them. I don’t think that he did it I really don’t because it makes no sense for a guy who knows that he probably or at least possibly had his DNA all over the damn place to pretty much beg the court to have his DNA tested again it just doesn’t make any sense. I’m all for executions of the guilty but he ain’t guilty he just isn’t I’m sorry.

Crack Job wrote
What about the blonde hair found in the little girls hand that they won’t test !! Why haven’t they said anything about that in this program?? That definitely wasn’t coopers hair she fought for her life and had that evidence in her hand ! Did they ever test that hair?? He was a thief and definitely would have taken that money or car without the family knowing he’d took it . They refused to test that hair because they no then there is definitely some more people involved that are still out there . The daughters mother said herself she wanted that hair testing as there is no way one person could have used 3 different things to kill her family. There was an ax , screw driver, and knife used but they only ever found the ax . Jeezzz if there going to do an update on this case why have they not mentioned the main thing the hair .

MrJuvefrank wrote
I heard my dad (1913-2002) liked doug ryen’s arabian horses. If the police won’t test the hairs in the girl’s hand then that tells me that a friend of the police or the police themselves were involved in this. California was wrong to spare lee furrow the death penalty and let him out of prison. That made an alibi for kevin cooper and or furrow could have been at the scene with cooper.

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