Kim Strong Death – Dead :  Kim Strong Obituary, utica ny

By | March 28, 2020

Kim Strong Death – Dead :  Kim Strong Obituary, utica ny

Kim Strong has died, according to a statement posted online on March. 27, 2020.

We learned of the deceased through the following tribute posted on social media., 

Diane Madden wrote on Facebook.

On the untimely passing of Kim Strong

Rest in Peace –

to all of the still missing and unaccounted for precious lives snuffed out in the name of “rescue.” Never forgotten.

My deepest sympathies –

to all who suffered and fell victim to years of torment that included not only voiceless, already betrayed and abandoned animals but innocent children within New Yorks CPS and Foster “care” system having already experienced the wrath of opportunists who prey on the most precious and unprotected beings within our society; CHILDREN, or as I always prefer to refer to them as, our future.

to those in powerful positions who continue to ignore the suffering and exploitation of homeless shelter pets to “game the system.”
My ongoing advise is to re set your immoral, unethical compass.

My thoughts and prayers –

to any person, their empathetic souls, conned and exploited either emotionally or financially which includes unknowing taxpayers (especially those in Hempstead) and those HUGE HEARTS who willingly sent endless private donations convinced that they were “helping save animals” only to face the reality of being used to contribute to unspeakable abuse and neglect…..and maybe even personal home mortgages.

My sincerest gratitude –

1) to those who physically removed those innocent, traumatized foster children who went from the frying pan into the fire;
all in the name of profit, deception and knack to “work the system.”

2) to every brave soul who exposed animal abuse despite the echoes of endless, pathetic excuses and resistance from the many accomplices, to those who refused to look the other way and sometimes single highhandedly challenged corrupt “animal welfare agencies” (THREE, at minimum) to stop the flow of the cash-cows, formally known as already abused shelter dogs trapped in a system used also for personal profit. If not for the relentlessness and integrity of those many individuals who couldn’t sleep a wink on the brink of hopelessness and defeat, if not for each of you, the deaths of those most vulnerable would be mounting and their suffering long, slow and agonizing.

3) Last but not least, my most heartfelt thanks to those who came to the real rescue of every dog imprisoned at Road to Home still struggling to pay bills awaiting for our new town supervisor to follow through with ACTIONS, not just the “impressive” statement he made on his campaign trail to win an election.

My everlasting Hope –

That the corrupt practices within municipal shelters continue to be exposed and that each animal in their possession gets on premises care and rehabilitation, not shipped to live in zipped tied crates with no water and standing in their own feces in warehouses where no one can hear their cry except for those who recognize the underlying mismanagement who sent them there; all to hide the truth.

That the Press refrain from referring to any animal abuser as an animal advocate.

That it’s fully comprehended that the perception of “negativity” doesn’t indicate that the TRUTH shouldn’t be spoken and that the most POSITIVE action you can take is to ALWAYS take the side of the weak over the powerful.

That those who perpetuate animal and human abuse, whether individually or disguising themselves as an “animal welfare and protection agency” or “rescue group” will be brought to justice and never escape consequences of the CHOICES made to subject unwanted animals and children to help hide political and unquenchable GREED, corruption, job favors, incompetence and cruelty.
Ongoing will be that justice.

Faith and Trust –

That an all mighty, forgiving, merciful God has taken it from here, wherever the next “Road to Home” leads and that every child or animal who crossed that bridge will remain safe for eternity never meeting with such unjustifiable pain and suffering again.

“Never, never be afraid to do whats right, especially if the well being or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” – Martin Luther King

“No legacy is so rich as honesty. – William Shakespeare

Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on of caused death . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.

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Kim Strong Death – Dead :  Kim Strong Obituary, utica ny


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