King Hill Death -Dead – Obituary : Philadelphia Missing Baby King Hill Found Dead.

By | September 13, 2021

King Hill Death -Dead – Obituary : Philadelphia Missing Baby King Hill Found Dead.

We regret to report that Philadelphia missing boy King Hill has been found dead, according to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today July 19, 2010.

The search for 2-year-old King Hill has come to a tragic end. The boy’s mother says detectives confirmed Sunday the child was killed. He was first reported missing on July 7.

Police are not yet releasing any details on the developments, but King’s mother says detectives confirmed Sunday that her son was killed and that they believe they know who is responsible. Philadelphia CBS Local Reported.

On July 7th, Philadelphia Police say 2-year-old King Hill disappeared. Hill’s stepfather planned to drop the toddler off at the mother Kimberly Hill’s home. Instead, the mom received a text from the stepfather saying a babysitter had dropped off King. The mother says this was the first time she’s ever heard of this babysitter.


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Nashid Edwards wrote 

My heart felt prayers are with the family of Young King Hill. I’m truly lost for words. May Allah ta’ala make his grave spacious, illuminate it with light, n Grant him the highest place in Jannah…. Allahumma Aameen…. 

April Israel McBride wrote 
Why didn’t this come through as breaking news yet been waiting for almost 3 hours for them to confirm. 

Marie Garland-Savage wrote 
My Condolences to the family of the Little Angel Who is now with the Angels in Heaven. God wrap your Arms around the Family of this child.gone to soon Rip my little Angel gone but never be Forgotten.Young King you’re truly going to be Missed.
Shannon Ponder wrote 
One article states, the mother didn’t know of a babysitter while another one states, the mother said she didn’t know the babysitter well, even though she’s been babysitting him for 2 years. Babysitter was questioned, said the baby was dropped off or picked up by mother. Every article is conflicting with the others. Poor baby, hope they find him safe!
Bhagyashree Pillai wrote 
Cage the mother,stepfather n the baby sitter as long as the toddler is not found.Prayers for the child’s safe return 
Yessica Uribe wrote 
Why would you give your child to a person who might have a huge resentment after getting a divorce he’s not related to the toddler
Nadia Boothe Wong wrote 
This makes me so mad. He is a 2 year either keep him safe or give him to someone who will. He can do nothing worthy of being harmed. I am so hoping this beautiful child is safe but we know this usually ends in murder. So sorry this child was in the care of such unworthy people.
Tessa Palmer Beckett wrote 
I read that it wasn’t his actual stepfather, it was her OLDER daughter’s dad. So it does seem odd to me that a mom would leave her baby with an ex from before the baby was even born. I also saw a video of a woman claiming to be family of either the “st…  

Liliana Eads wrote 
Unfortunately its seems like we all already know the end of this .. although I hope I am wrong and he is found safe 

Janey Ndenderu wrote 
Baffling.. stepdad sends babysitter… He then calls after a week…. You mean the mother never called once to see how the child is doing???
Brooks Pardew wrote 
WTF, why is so hard for these people to care for an innocent child????
Ratpasom Singsanavong wrote 
We all know exactly what happened here and it’s not good. We all want to have hope that he is alive but in a majority of these cases they aren’t. Every time I see these my heart breaks because the outcome is usually not good. I’m sure the police know this too. They just need enough evidence. Prayers for this sweet baby and his family.
Lydia Wahyahtaagon wrote 
Sounds suspicious to me as well.I have a feeling there’s something more to this. I really hope that baby is safe. That sweet Lil innocent tot should have been protected & kept by mommas side at all times! Or even with some one close. over the step d… See More
Bella Sanchez wrote 
Lord I hope & pray that he didn’t do anything to this precious child. I want to know WHY he is 2yo with a separate STEP-father that has visitation rights to him? And WHY if he does have an de-facto step father why was he not watching him during this said shared time? Sounds fishy!!!
Jessica Sieburg-Nieves wrote 
That line has been used before and it didn’t turn out well. I hope this baby is found safe
Karen Combs wrote 
I grow so weary of looking at the beautiful faces of babies and having my heart sink at the headlines. God save our children!
Tammy Ramos wrote 
Unfortunately we probably know how this turns out. Praying for safe return. These monster’s need to be put to death instead of wasting space in jail. That’s why this kind of horrible stuff keeps happening.
Mercedes Fortineaux wrote 
That’s if a babysitter even exists? Find that babysitter and find the step dad… sounds suspicious to me. The audacity to send a txt and say a babysitter is dropping off YOUR child. He would be on a milk carton that reads “have you seen me” because he would be dead.

Shina Marmar wrote 
Sarah Greenberg I’m with you.uh uh. Idc if they have a great relationship. I wouldn’t allow any unsupervised visit with my kids with another adult that ain’t my mother or sister. Too many times kids are abused by adults who they know or by someone whom the adults they know had trusted and they don’t know how to report it or it ends up with the child dead. ·
Debra Hawkins wrote 
You better believe that stepfather knows exactly what happened to this baby! I am so sick of these monsters hurting these children! God please reveal the circumstances of this baby’s whereabouts, and bring the perpetrators to justice!

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