King Von Autopsy Video : King Von’s Sister Identifies Freddyie Curry as the Atlanta Airport Mortuary Worker Who Leaked his Autopsy Pics.

By John Okoro | November 13, 2020

King Von Autopsy Video : King Von’s Sister Identifies Freddyie Curry as the Atlanta Airport Mortuary Worker Who Leaked his Autopsy Pics.

Angry reactions continues to trail the leaking of rapper King Von dead body on social media.  King Von sister have joined others to condemn the actions of social media users who are sharing the graphic content on social media platforms.

Von sister blamed Freddyie Curry , the Atlanta mortician who purportedly leaked her brother’s autopsy photos online—and to demand that his employer, the Airport Mortuary Shipping Services, fires him.

Kin Von and sister Kaylab

King Von’s sister who goes with the username imkaylab on Instagram wrote




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A check on the mortician Instagram account showed that he has delated the graphic content of King Vons body lying on a table with his autopsy report .


More Reactions

Social media users continues to condemn the action of the mortician and call on authorities to investigate the case.

Drill Spill TV wrote 
Message to the youth!!!!!This gang banging life isn’t as cool as it seems believe me the sound of gunfire erupting isn’t a pretty sight let alone when you get hit stay in school hit them books and take care of your family Life is to short to throw away at a young age.

Him Over There wrote 
@AJ Finesse This is a message. Just because it’s your favorite rapper doesn’t mean it isn’t. Let this be a rude awakening to those who are in this lifestyle or considering it. Wages of sin is always death.

Drill Spill TV wrote

@Him Over There Nothing to do with him being my favourite rapper, fact of the matter is every nigga from the streets already know what this life come with. The whole world knows Von is dead it’s the principal that you showing a nigga corpse on the net.

Like we not stupid damn near everyone been to a funeral, my point is would you like for your own corpse to be plastered on YouTube. Cause you probably know somebody who know somebody who from the streets and went out like that but I put money on it you ain’t Finna post that so why post this? Makes no sense… I understand what you trying to do but it just coming across disrespectful considering his close friends and relatives are mad this got leaked in the first place.

It just screams clout to me because theirs tons of street niggas mobsters gangsters etc. Who’ve shared the same fate through the years. Von died a few days ago so I’m trying to understand the justification for the specific use of Von. That’s my argument…

Margurette Williams wrote 
This is sick whoever did this has no . What about his children or his mother and family seeing this. Now this is a injustice. God please keep your loving hands around this young man’s family.

Drill Spill TV wrote 

So disrespectful for the family and loved ones as well as his children to their father king Von at the morgue and his body. Whoever work at the morgue should be fired someone leaked this out so sad.

Ava Houston wrote 
This is SO disrespectful to this young man, and his family. Regardless of how he lived he is still a human and was someone’s child. These pictures should have never been on the internet just heartless

Dat_Boy_TRIPP wrote 
Omg this pic just did something to me. Man this is sad….im not tryna preach to nobody but we have to do better as a society. I’m a older dude and I feel like my generation has failed the younger generation.

This guy was just on a interview with Akademiks 2 days before he died and he seemed full of life and now looking at this pic shows you just how fragile life is. One day your here and the next day your gone. Ain’t no coming back from the grave….once your gone its all over.

30 years from now after his friends and fans has grown up he will just be a memory to them. His family and kids will keep his name alive for ever.
Rip King Von and I really hate this happened to him.

GeneralOn wrote 

Y’all just as guilty as this man posting the pictures talkin bout “Delete this, why you got this up?” You didn’t have to search for it or click on it in your feed.
R.I.P To Von and it’s a trend of photos of a deceased artists being posted online whether it’s in a morgue, funeral, street crime scene, etc and a lot more graphic too. I hate that I clicked on this cause now every time I watch a Von video, this might be the last image known I see of him.

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